ASDM Beverly Hills Detox & Renew Charcoal Mask review

Charcoal & activated charcoal seems to be all the rage lately in the beauty world. When ASMD asked if I wanted to review their new mask from their charcoal line, I said yes of course.

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This detox & renew mask has activated charcoal, green tea extract, artichoke extract, pomegranate extract, glycolic acid, grapeseed extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, niacinamide, & peppermint.
All these great ingredients helps revitalize tired & dull skin, increases circulation, detoxifies skin, shrinks pores, & plumps skin which help minimize and erase wrinkles.

ASDM Beverly Hills Charcoal Mask

When you look in the mirror and you see ‘big’ pores it’s because excess sebum(oil) & dirt are trapped in your pores. The activated charcoal in this mask helps attract toxic substances within the skin, extracting & encapsulating excess sebum, bacteria, & impurities. Leaving your skin looking brighter.

How to use:
Cleanse skin. Pat dry
Use fan brush and apply a thin layer of the charcoal mask over entire face. ( avoid nostrils & eyes)
Leave on 2-10 minutes depending on how sensitive your skin is..
Rinse with warm water.
Apply moisturizer

I love that this mask came with a brush. I am also surprised , until recently that I have never used a brush to apply my masks. It was easy to apply and I felt a refreshing cool tingling sensation as I brushed it on my face. The first time I used it as I was done applying the mud mask, my eyes began to water & were a little irritated. My nose was even a little runny. I think it might have been from the peppermint that is in the mask. My eyes can sometimes be sensitive. At 7-8 minute mark my eyes had enough and I rinsed it off. No need to scrub this mask off , it easily came off with warm warm . There was also a nice cool sensation when I walked as the air touched my face. It only lasted a minute or two. My face was pink/red and felt a little warm. The redness went away in about 30 minutes. My skin didn’t bother me during that time. Once my skin went back to normal I applied my moisturizer.

ASDM Charcoal Mask

( You can see you don’t need to put a thick layer)

Second time using it:
This time I stirred the mask before applying & left it on for 2-3 minutes this time. My eyes did get a little watery for a few seconds but after that it was fine. My face did turn pink again afterwards. It isn’t a big deal because it does go away and I am doing the masks at night.

Third time using it:
I mixed it before I used it. For me I think this helps with my eyes and the peppermint. Brushed on, left on for 2-3 minutes. Rinsed off.

** The reason your face may turn pink/red & get warm is due to the increase of circulation to the area.
Increase of circulation is good because it gives the skin a healthy glow & improves skin tone.

Give mask a good stir before applying.
Play around with the amount of time you leave it on.
Tingling is normal but if your skin is irritated ,itchy, or you feel discomfort , rinse off & discontinue to use.
Play around with placement . If you want to just use this on your nose where most people have an issue with pores , feel free to just put it on your nose. …use it like a spot treatment.

My favorite part of this mask was the cool sensation while it was on & the few minutes after rinsing it off. My face looked brighter, my pores are cleaner, & my face felt smooth. Like some mud masks, this one does not dry out your skin. I dislike when I rinse off a mask and my skin feels tight. I didn’t experience this as all. My skin felt really soft, smooth, and plump. I like that it is packed with great ingredients for your skin to look its best. Though my face does stay red for about 30 minutes, it isn’t a big deal since I am doing it at night and the benefit is it is increasing circulation ( which helps skin look its best). The only con for me is I think there is to much peppermint, for me personally. I have only used it a few times so am still playing around with it , like where I place it & how long I have it on. Once I started mixing it my eyes were less watery when using it.
Side note: I really like the packaging the pretty dandelions, grass, butterflies, & dragonflies are wrapped around the bottom of the box along with a lavendar & gray band. The jar also looks nice with the silver top & the decorative black band on the bottom & top would look nice on any counter ( or shelf).

Noticed the pores around my nose were clear
Skin was soft
Healthy glow

You can buy the mask here : ASDM Beverly Hills Detox & Renew Mask

It is $29.99 + free shipping

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A little about ASDM :
-Every batch is handcrafted to ensure product safety, quality and ingredient integrity.
-Products are made in the U.S.A
-Harsh preservatives and synthetic ingredients are avoided
-Known for using 100% pure oils and essential oils, selective organic ingredients and fruit extracts, potent vitamins, restorative peptides, nourishing silk and honey extract and the latest cutting edge active ingredients.

ASDM Beverly Hills was founded in Beverly Hills, CA by Alexandra Marquis (1998). Due to years of excessive sun exposure without proper protection, Alexandra had developed a skin condition called melasma. She had visited several local dermatologists to have her melasma treated; unfortunately, the results she was expecting failed to meet her desired goals. After months of regular doctor visits and countless products, Alexandra began to get frustrated with the lack of results.
Her husband, who had a passion for natural medicine, suggested trying one of his facial creams which he had been working on for some time. After 2 months of daily usage,
Alexandra began to notice that her discoloration was fading substantially. By the 4th month, it was well under control and her skin felt and looked more radiant than ever before! Inspired by the results, she began to give her secret cream to friends that happened to suffer from similar conditions.
It was not long before people began to literally knock on her door to buy the cream. And thus, ASDM Beverly Hills was born.

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Have you tried any beauty products with activated charcoal or charcoal? What do you think?

* I received this product complimentary from ASDM Beverly Hills for review purposes. All opinions are my own.