Buen Sabor review

The other day I headed to Whole Foods and grabbed 2 Buen Sabor frozen meals. PinchMe sent me a coupon in my box to redeem for a free meal. My friend got one too and gave me his coupon.

Buen Sabor focuses on freshness, flavor, nutritional value, & care in which the way it was raised & grown.
Their products is a simple & delicious way to enjoy all-natural traditional Latin American flavors made with quality ingredients.

No preservatives
No added colors or dyes
No synthetic ingredients
No artificial growth hormones or antibiotics
100% GMO free plant-based ingredients
Junk free. Hype Free.
Ingredients you can pronounce.

buen sabor

Spicy turkey & lentil pastelon
gluten free
no added sugar
0g trans fat
made with free range turkey

Layers of puro sabor encase this sweet and savory blend of plantains, turkey picadillo, spices and cheese. This comforting one-dish meal, often served at dinner tables in Puerto Rico and the Dominican.

This one was ok, I didn’t care for the spices and flavor of this one. I really liked the bite of the lentils & carrots. They weren’t mushy. It wasn’t spicy like I thought it was going to be which was good.

buen sabor

Beef picadillo empanadas
18g protein
0g trans fat
100% natural

Believed to have originated in Espana as portable meals for busy working people on the go – sound familiar? And now, we are bringing them to you. Premium ground beef combined with briny olives, potatoes, and zesty herbs pack these tasty little pockets full of flavor. With just the right amount of juciness and a big “Ole”, these babies are great baked or fried

This one has a bit of kick to it but wasn’t so bad. I love lentils and glad to see them in the empanadas. I made these in the toaster oven and they browned up nicely. I really liked the flakiness & crispiness to the crust. I would definitely get these again.

My Whole Foods only had 3 kinds to choose from. I will be looking for the savory seasoned rice with chipotle chicken & beans & chickpea & sweet potato picadillo to try next.

Have you tried Buen Sabor foods yet or seen them in the freezer aisle?