Empties 4- mini reviews


15 .Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash- I did a review on this not to long ago. I wasn’t a fan of the after taste. It messes with your taste buds ( even after an hour +) so food & drinks will taste odd. Perhaps if you are trying to lose weight it good help lol but I would not get this kind again.

16. Maxasorb B-12 cream: This is made in the USA & with natural ingredients. Its supposed to help promote energy levels & also helps with dry skin. As far as energy the peppermint in it did help wake me up a bit but it wore off quickly. It has coconut oil in it and leave skin really soft & absorbs nicely. It is $19.95 which is expensive for the 30 doses. Not worth it for me. This company does have a melatonin cream similar to this that is AMAZING! Both can be found on Amazon.

17. Align Probiotic supplement: Easy to take & swallow. No weird smell. Helps you stay regular and helps keep your digestive tract healthy. Thumbs up

18. Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme: Love this stuff! You can use it on damp & dry hair. It repairs, strengthens, soft, shine, smooths, moisturizes, heat protection, tames fly-aways. Doesn’t weight hair down or leave hair sticky. Leaves hair really soft & healthy looking. I have a little sample container that I fill up with this so if I have any fly-aways mid-day I use this.

19. One A Day multivitamin: ughhh these took forever probably because I was bad at taking them daily. These were so huge which were a pain to swallow. So glad I am done. I wouldn’t get this kind again. I moved on to easy to take gummy vitamins.

20. Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir: Wasn’t sure what to expect with this dry oil. It is $99 for .98 oz. so don’t see myself running to buy it. I really enjoyed the sample though. My skin felt nourished & soft after applying. It also absorbed quickly & didn’t leave skin greasy or oily.

21. Maybelline FitMe Foundation: One of my favorite foundations. The color matches my skin tone well. It blends nicely, gives a nice sheer coverage which I want. I also like that it doesn’t feel like I have foundation on my face. Plus it has SPF18

22. Rimmel Scandaleye Rockin Curves Mascara: Like the tube, formula, brush. It has a curved brush that helps lift, volumize , lengthens, and get the smaller lashes. I do wish it separated lashes a little better. Its around $7-$8 which is average. Also no flaking!

23. Murad Transforming Powder Dual Action Cleanser & Exfoliator: Starts off as a powder add some water and wah*lah a nice foamy cleanser. As for an exfoliator it was ok, I think this might be better for someone with sensitive skin. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it.

24. Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion: Light pleasant scent, absorbs nicely, doesn’t leave skin greasy. Left my skin soft & hydrated.

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Empties 2- Mini Reviews

Empties Mini Review

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

I’ve always wondered how this moisturizer would work with my skin.

I loved it, I would actually buy this regularly. It was creamy , absorbed quickly, kept skin soft & moisturized.

When I woke up my face felt & looked great. Definitely reccommend


Ole Henriksen empower featherweight moisturizer

Eh this was ok. It was thinner than I expected , I prefer my moisturizers a little thicker. Didn’t love it , Didn’t hate it. Left skin a little sticky. Wouldnt buy a full size

Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

I used to use this one often but switched to clear complexion. I have been using Aveeno for years and it is one of my favorite moisturizers. It leaves my skin looking & feeling great. Absorbs nicely, doesn’t leave skin greasy, doesn’t mess with my make up. Skin feels smooth & soft.


Egg Essence Mask Sheet Mask – Esfolio ( from Beauteque)

Egg Essence Mask

Masks are so creepy! lol

Korean skincare has been trending here in the U.S. I was lucky enough and won a fantastic variety of Korean skincare products. I decided to try out this mask first. So expect at least one of these creepy mask selfies in my upcoming empties mini reviews. 

-Helps with elasticity & moisturization. Contains egg yolk extract

I like that it has slits on the bottom so you can fit it better to your face.

-The smell was a little perfumey for me but not overpowering or bad

-It was very wet , stayed in place ( even with me walking around)

– Keep on 15 to 20 minutes

– Massage left over product on your skin

I woke up with really soft, moisturized skin. It even looked a little brighter.


Maybelline FitMe concealer

I love this stuff. Its affordable, color matches my skintone perfectly, easy to blend, stays on all day. Always make sure I have it in my beauty arsenal 


Dial Coconut Water Foam soap

Loved the smell, like the foam, didn’t dry out hands. Enjoyed using it

ChapStick moisturizer hydration lock

Can you believe I finished a chapstick? lol Left lips smooth & hydrated. Didn’t need to constantly apply


  • I received these products as prizes, samples, or bought myself. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Influenster #GoVoxBox review

I was so happy to get an email saying I was selected for this box designed for my active lifestyle , to fuel my health and wellness journey.

It’s been a little over a year since my last box .
Influenster is great , you receive complimentary products to test and review . In exchange you share your opinions , whether they are good or bad to friends face to face or on social media.

So what was in this #GoVoxBox


-Prices vary , these were on my info card I received with the box.

•Playtex sport fresh balance tampons $3.99- $4.99
•ProFOOT triad orthotic shoe insert $10.49
•ProFoot pedi rock $8.99
•AquaSpa body creme lavender + chamomile $9.99
•Blue Diamond blueberry almonds $3.19 for 4oz bag
•Muller Greek yogurt free coupon $.99- $1.29
•The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step 20oz JAXX shaker cup
•Next Step Fit n’ Full shake ( French vanilla, Swiss chocolate & fresh berries)
• $5 coupon off my next Next Step purchase

Next Step JAXX Shaker Cup & Fit n’ Full Shakes #NextStep

Love the Jaxx shaker ,the jack inside helps mix your protein shake fast. Couple of shakes and it was mixed. I also like that it has measurements on the cup, which go up to 16oz.

•Fresh Berry sort of tasted like watered down strawberry milk. I put it in the fridge to make it cold ,tasted a lot better. So I would say make sure your water is cold.


•Swiss Chocolate was tasty but did have a slight after taste . Again make sure it’s cold.

•French Vanilla surprisingly good. I don’t really care for vanilla flavored food which might be why I tried it last.
I made this one a little different , I made it with vanilla almond milk instead of water . It tasted like cake! This one did have a few tiny clumps but I’d didn’t mind because it tasted to good. Not sure if it is because I mixed with the almond milk instead of water.

«» I liked these shakes ;they kept me full, easy to prepare, have a good amount protein and fiber . My favorite was the French vanilla, which I will be buying.
I would use the berry in my regular smoothies or even in pancakes. I’d also like to try it again with almond milk.
Swiss chocolate I would like to try with almond milk as well. It was tasty but think almond milk would help with after taste.

«Tip: make sure whatever liquid you mix it with is cold »
So take the #NextStep and try these shakes out for yourself!

Muller #mullerquaker



I love Muller Greek yogurt. I tried it over a year ago and have been hooked since. I’m always buying mixed berry or strawberry because they are always in stock, easy to find and delicious. Some other yummy ones I like ; caramelized almonds, mango, peach. I wish my store carried all the varieties because there are others I’d like to try like pineapple passion fruit.
I wanted to redeem my free coupon for a FrutUp cup but I didn’t see them at my store.
Why do I choose Muller yogurts … because they are creamy , smooth, taste great. You can have them for breakfast, as a snack, and even dessert and will be happy and satisfied whenever you eat it. I even like the design of the container because the fruit easily slides out of the corner. I sometimes get a spoonful of yogurt and then take some fruit and it’s wide enough to do that . Other times I just pour it over the yogurt .

br />

Here are some snacks I bring to work, Muller Greek yogurt is a must have.
muller snacks
Blue Diamond – blueberry almonds
These are great! They taste exactly like blueberry in almond form. Perfect combo , not too sweet but enough to crave your sweet tooth.
A great healthy snack whether your home or on the go .

Vine I made

I went to NYC and put them in my purse , in case I needed a little something to keep me going. #GetYourGoodGoing



Aqua Spa relax collection Lavender + Chamomile

I am enjoying using this body creme. The creme is thick and creamy and leaves the skin soft, moisturized, and smooth.
The scent is calming and relaxing. I’ve been using it at night , which helps me fall asleep faster. I will definitely be buying more of this creme and continue to use it in my nightly routine.



Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons


Have always been a fan of Playtex. It as the first brand I bought and was comfortable wearing because of the plastic applicator. These are always comfortable and protects you from leaks.
I felt confident and comfortable while my day in NYC and also hiked for 2 hours. These allow you to #playon no matter what time of the month it is, playtex has you covered.

So throw some in your purse, gym bag, or car (to be safe) plus look how pretty the packaging is


PROFOOT Pedi-Rock & Triad Orthotic

·The pedi rock is great for keeping your feet sandal ready and soft all summer long. The shape fit perfectly in my hand and in a few swipes I already felt results. It’s like a nail file in a rock form , a little rough on the outside but soft on the inside. You can use the rock wet or dry.



·PROFOOT Triad Orthotic – Do any companies make inserts for size 11? Always seem to stop at size 10. It doesnt really matter with these because they are 3/4 length which I prefer because I look for arch support and heel cushion.
These inserts help with 3 zones of comfort
-cradles balls of feet
-supports arches
-cushion heels from impact
On the package it says these clinically are proven to relieve knee, leg, and back pain. Studies show that a common cause of knee, leg, and back pain is poor foot alignment. I can see that, sometimes with certain shoes I can see the wear on them and see in wear out the front inside and wonder if that’s why my knees hurt sometimes.


No matter if you’re going for dressy, causal , sporty these will fit. The pack even comes with 2 glue dots to keep them in place if needed.


I just got these cute canvas sneakers that have no support , so will be using the PROFOOT insert in them so they are more comfortable. I wore them with and without and your feet will thank you when you put these in your shoes.


-Really enjoyed this box,  a little bit of everything.

Already was a fan on Muller and Playtex.

Loved the Blue Diamond blueberry almonds, I need to try the other flavors.

Enjoyed using Aqua Spa body creme, will be a regular user.

PROFOOT Pedi -rock works great and the triad orthotic inserts definitely make my shoes comfortable while relieving pain from knees , back, and legs.

Next Step Jaxx shaker worked great and was nice to try the fit n’ full shakes I wouldn’t have tried myself. Can’t wait to buy the vanilla for shakes , smoothies, and baking/cooking .

Can’t wait for my next box , hope I dont have to wait a year for my next one. 🙂



«» I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster «»


If you want to join , let me know and I can send you an invite

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer Review


I received a travel size to try out from PinchMe.
I’m always up to try new beauty products, so was happy to receive this. It came at a good time because I was almost out of my regular moisturizer.
I’ve been pretty loyal to Aveeno for my moisturizer for the past few years so wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one.

First off you notice the cucumber and mango scent while applying it. I enjoyed putting it on in the morning because of the smell , it was refreshing and gave me a burst of energy. There is no alcohol so no drying your skin out.
It is also water based and doesn’t clog your pores.

As you apply to your face you can feel how light weight the gel is.the moisturizer also absorbs quick and nicely into the skin,which is always a plus.

It leaves your skin so smooth, soft, and moisturizer. I wish I had a bigger tube.
I’m actually going to go get some this weekend. The price is budget friendly too compared to others , depending where you go $5-$8.

Definitely would recommend Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.