Volition Beauty Review #MyOwnVolition

Volition Beauty reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try some of their favorite products. I said yes and couldn’t wait to try the products out.  You can buy & find their products on their website and on Sephora’s website. They recently launched their top products earlier this month.  In September they will be available at selected Sephora stores as well.

These products are vegan, cruelty free ,noncomedogenic. & made without – Paraben, Sulfates, & Phthalates

Volition Beauty


Volition is the first & only brand that co-creates with us, the consumer. They don’t want to just sell us beauty products but help solve our beauty problems. On their website , you can submit your ideas for a product and possibly have your idea become a possibility / next must have product in their line.  They also include a little card in the products packaging acknowledging the person who had the idea and their inspiration behind it.

Tumeric Brightening Polish

Volition Tumeric Scrub

You can use this on body or face, I’ve been using it on my face only so far. Its gentle on my skin but still effective enough to exfoliate. My face felt smooth & did look healthy after using it.  Tumeric is a super spice & has been part of the Indian cultures beauty routine for thousands of years. It helps soften & brighten the skin.  This also contain sandalwood which is great for toning & olive oil for hydration.  This product is also vegan. It retails for $38.

Helix AM/PM Eye Gel



I really like the consistency & texture of this gel. It reminds me of a blurring products. Once applied it smooths skin out and absorbs quickly. Make up goes on without a problems & goes on smooth. The secret ingredient is a repairing helix complex from escargot ( yup..snails!) to help firm skin & decreases lines & wrinkles. Its lightweight , helps with puffiness ,& is hydrating. It retails for $52


Oil Control Mattifying Mist

Volition Oil Control Mist


This is a refreshing mist to help mattify skin & absorbs oil.   The rose water is calming & smells lovely. Spray about 12 inches from the face to refresh your makeup any time of day. Moving to FL this has helped keep my skin looking fresh & clean without messing up my make up.

This mist contains:

-Natural Humectant Powder: Delivers hydration to skin while drawing out excess oil.
-Amino Acid Complex: Promotes a healthy pH balance while hydrating and moisturizing skin.
-Rose Water: Features anti-inflammatory properties for redness.


I received these products for free. All opinions are my own.

Inside my Winter BeautyCon Box

I was very lucky and won a beautycon box. Check them out on instagram , that is how I came across the giveaway.  I did win this back in January… I know super late sharing! Also considering this is a Winter box and its almost Spring lol


I was really excited to see what was inside. I like the packaging, does anyone else hoard boxes like these? Im currently using this one to store beauty samples in. haha

I liked the silver polka dot tissue paper , so cute.

About the BeautyCon Box:  This is a beauty subscription box that sends out a box every season, unlike others that do it monthly.  The box is also mostly filled with full sized high-end beauty brands. It costs $29 per box. The box I received the value is around $139!





I haven’t tried everything just yet because I have so many products I am trying to use up at the moment I don’t want to add more the the madness. I will try an update in a separate post or add back on here. Also check my instagram , I post a lot on there.

Artist Couture Illuminati Diamond Glow Highlighter


If you want your cheeks to pop, this is the highlighter for you! I never heard of the brand until recently. I saw a video tutorial on instagram and she used this as I was waiting for my box to arrive. I was surprised & happy to see it in this box so I could try it out. Its a nice shimmery gold powder. As I applied it to my cheeks , my eyes got big and started to sparkle.  This is the best highlighter I’ve used. I almost wear this daily. It adds a nice sunkissed glow to my cheeks . I also apply it under my brow.

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush #522 $24


I’ve never heard of Luxie beauty before but glad I have now. I’ve been using this to apply the Artist Couture highlighter. iTs soft, feels good in my hand while using it. I really like the pink & rose gold combo.


Colourpop x BeautyCon lippie Stix $5


Have you heard of colourpop? I feel like 2016 I heard about it a lot but I never tried it. Now I’m mad I didn’t try it sooner. This color is a box exclusive. When I saw the shade I was unsure about it. Its definitely not a shade I would have chose for myself. This is one of the reasons I like beauty subscription boxes.  Its a neutral shade that feel nice and creamy/buttery on the lips. It also smells a bit like caramels.  I heard its similar to the shade cookie that colourpop has, if your like the shade.

BioBELLE Botanic Fiber sheet mask #AfterParty $5


Do you love sheet masks? I cant get enough of them! This one smelled fruity , and not in an artificial way either. The fit was ok, it stayed on for the whole 20 minutes. When I took it off my skin felt soft, smooth, hydrated.

Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water


I haven’t used this yet but have heard good things. It is a multipurpose cleanser that helps take off make up, cleanses the skin, and refreshes without drying out your skin.


Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment


I wasn’t expecting the green formula tube. You wash your face and leave your face damp. Add some of the treatment to your fingertips and for 30 seconds rub onto face in circular motions. It does have a tingling/burn sensation but goes away quickly. My face was left a little pink which went away within 5 minutes. My skin felt really soft & clean. It did feel a little tight and dry so make sure to add your serum & moisturizers right away. I don’t think this is something I would buy in the future. I will continue to use and see if anything changes.

L’oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Primer & Feline Mascara



I have so much mascara so I haven’t opened these yet. The primer is supposed to help condition lashes over time. It also helps create a boosting effect, building volume & length. I saw it has good reviews and is about $5.99

Masacara- about $7.99 It promises instant volume & fullness.

Rimmel London The only one lipstick in Call Me Crazy

This lipstick is really bright. It feels great on the lips and smells just like candy. It goes on smoothly but with this color one slight move and your lips will look wonky. I’m not sure if Im a huge fan of this color either. It has an orange hue to it. Maybe with the right outfit and other makeup it would look better.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer


This bronzer maybe to dark for my pale skin tone. Someone mentioned that I could use it as a shadow. I will still try it out eventually. Most likely in the Summer when I am not as pale. Its a deluxe sample so perfect to throw in my bag.

Skinvolve Body Karate Cream retail $40


I’ve never heard of this brand before. It’s blended with Pure Caffeine and Argan Oil to moisturize, improve skin texture and tone.  I opened it to see how it smelled and wasn’t a fan at all. I put it on after my shower on my legs and it really didn’t do a great job at moisturizing or hydrating my skin. It did absorb quickly and didn’t leave skin greasy but it’s not a product I would recommend or purchase.


This box is worth it in my opinion. 11 products high end/ drugstore brands for as little as $2.63 for each product. Have you tried any of these products?


New Skincare Nip+Fab

Nip + Fab hooked me up with some goodies to try. I have been really enjoying their line of products.

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Shot $24.95

nip + fab hyaluronic shot


This intense moisture concentrate works to deeply hydrate thirsty and dry skin for a moisture locked and plumper finish. Dragons Blood is a sap found in the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon, it works to protect and heal the skin from all outside aggressions.

dragons blood: preventing environmental damage to the skin and motivating skin cell regeneration, as well as inhibiting inflammation and reducing redness.
hyaluronic acid:
maintain skin plumpness and it’s super-hydrating to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and soften and smooth skin for a radiant and younger-looking complexion.

LOVE this serum. I put it on when I get out of the shower every morning. Then apply my moisturizer and make up. I liked how it made my skin look healthy & plump. Its lightweight and absorbs nicely & quickly into the skin. My skin just looked really good.

You can use this day or night. You can use by itself or mix into your moisturizer. It’s up to you.  All you need is 2 drops. I liked that the applicator was a bit different too. Instead of a dropper where you squeeze to get the liquid, you press the button on the top. I guess sort of like a shot. I highly recommend this serum.

Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing pads $12.99

Nip + Fab Glycolic pads

These are radiance-boosting pads, soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid retexture and resurface skin whilst witch hazel helps to tone. This moisturizing formula with hyaluronic acid and soothing blue daisy helps to reveal brighter and smoother looking skin.

  • glycolic acid retextures + resurfaces
  • hyaluronic acid moisturises + refreshes
  • blue daisy soothes + calms

I really enjoyed using these pads. I think my skin looked cleaner & brighter after using them. They didn’t dry out my skin and they were also gentle on my skin. I even washed my face and used one of these after and stuff was on the pad! Though my cleanser is black, so it could have been that but still, extra cleanser shouldn’t be on my skin anyway.  These do a great job at cleaning & gently exfoliating.  Another one you should try. These are also great for travelling since the container is a screw on cap.

Kale Fix Clay Mask $9.95

nip + fab kale fix

A super-charged nourishing clay face mask enriched with minerals and witch hazel, works to draw away impurities without drying the skin. The addition of an advanced moisture complex helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier function & regulate water loss to increase hydration for the skin to leave it feeling touchably soft with a fresh glow.

Remember when Kale made it into our lives? There is a reason for the hype sinceits packed with vitamins and so is this clay mask. Its rich in vitamins K, A, & C to help reninvigorate your skin.

It also has watcress extract to help retain maximum softness & elasticity.

Its easy to apply and spread to your face.  I applied an even layer to my skin and left it on for 10 minutes. As I wore it , it started to disappear on my skin. Then when I splashed the water on my skin it turned to a creamy milky texture. This left my skin really soft & fresh feeling.

Bust Fix Night $16.25

Bust Fix

A light serum to visibly plump + firm the appearance of skin around the bust + décolleté. Bust Fix is a revolutionary formula packed with fast acting mangosteen extract. With ingredients to reshape and sculpt as well as firm and tone, this serum is perfect for those whose skin has lost elasticity. I’m not sure if it made my breasts more plump , it was really moisturizing. The smell is very nice & relaxing too. It absorbed nicely without leaving skin feeling greasy or sticky.

#RealTalk Applying moisturizer to your breasts is a great way to feel for lumps.

Rodial Liquid Liner $28

Rodial liquid Liner

This felt tipped liner pen , easily glides on smooth. With great color pay off & long wear it will make any look you try do do effortless. It’s water resistant & quick drying. It made applying the liner so easy.


 Have you tried any Nip + Fab products or Rodial? Which ones, or what products do you want to try?

I received these products complimentary. All opinions are my own.

Rodial skincare & makeup review

I’ve never heard of Rodial brand before but the founder of the brand does have another company I am familiar with, Nip + Fab. I like their glycolic dragons blood cleansing pads & plump mask.   The difference between the 2 brands is Nip + Fab is for late teens & early 30’s addressing taking care of the skin and preventing the first signs of aging lines taking you into your late 20s.

Rodial has a more sophisticated formula that addresses skin from early 30 to 40s and 50s & is packed with anti-aging ingredients.

I received a great package with some skincare & make up to try & play with.

Rodial STEMCELL super-food facial oil $80


The formula is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, B5, C and E to maintain a healthy glow while protecting your skin. I added this to my morning routine and do notice a healthy glow after applying. It also leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Just add 2-3 drops and massage into the skin. Follow with your normal routine.

This is my favorite of the bunch. It just made my skin look healthy.

Rodial peel off freeze & smooth Snake Mask $83


Rodial Snake Mask

It has an anti aging ingredient, syn-ake . Which is a synthetic protein fragment that replicates part of the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper, to help relax the muscles & reduce wrinkles. . Amino acids and liquorice brighten skin tone while enriched minerals deep cleanse and purify pores to remove excess oil, dirt and impurities.

Key Benefits:

  • Syn-Ake Dipeptide (snake-venum inspired peptide): Reduces mimic wrinkles.
  • Kaolin French Clay: Draws out impurities and excess sebum, while reducing enlarged pores.
  • Pomegrante Ellagic Tannin: Firm and tone the skin.
  • Liquorice Extract: Reduces the appearance of age and sun spots.

My thoughts:

 It was hard to squeeze out of the tube but pretty easy to spread on my face. The scent wasn’t pleasant and a little strong while applying but not as it was drying. I waited 15 minutes and peeled it off . It came off really easy and left little on my skin. My skin did look brighter immediately and even when I woke up. I’ll have to use it  more but I did like the results the first try. For the price though I don’t think its something I would get in the future just because it was annoying to squeeze out and the smell while applying wasn’t the best. 

Smokey Eye Sculpt Eyeshadow Palette $40

Rodial Eyeshadow palette

This palette has 6 neutral shades. 5 are matte & one is a shimmer/pearl. Perfect palette to take you from day to night.

Rodial eyeshadow palette

The compact is small enough to fit in your purse. The colors are pigmented.

Shade one which didn’t really show on my arm because I’m so pale ( haha) is great for a base, inner corner of eyes, or highlighter for the brow.This one does a feel a little more chalky compared to the other shade

Shade 2 is also a great base color

shade 3 is my favorite. the shimmery golden brown color. Perfect to take your look from day to night.

Shade 4 is a dusty brownish color

Shade 5 is a dark brown

Shade 6 Is a nice black


Instaglam Compact Deluxe banana powder $57

Rodial Banana Powder

This is a yellow toned versatile powder that suits a range of skin tones. The formula corrects surface redness and pink undertones while neutralizing blue under eye circles. This mattifying powder can both set your makeup and contour. The main function of banana powder is to act like a highlighter, to enhance your facial contours with a mattifying highlighted finish to the face.

I like putting this around my eye area. Since I’m pale you can see veins more easily and this helps neutralize the area giving me a flawless finish.

Smokey Eye Pen- black $21

Very creamy and bold. Easily glides on. Bold color.

Rodial Eye Pencil


I received these products complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

#FoilFebruary – Week One

Project use up samples, week one.

I’ve been sick most of the week so didn’t use a lot. I could barely eat let alone care about my beauty routine this week.

#FoilFebruary samples



Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer : Had stuffy nose and could smell SPF in it. Left skin a little greasy looking but did leave it soft and moisturized. It is expensive for a full sized so don’t see myself buying this.

Simple micellar cleansing water – used 2 that I had . Hard to tell if what it even did.
L’oreal age perfect glow renewal – left skin soft , healthy dewy skin , hydrated, & glowy . Would consider getting a full size bottle .
First aid beauty – ultra repair cream
Worked great on my nose when it was all gross from blowing my nose non stop for a few days. It pretty much made all the dry skin disappear in 2 days . It says head from toe so far I’ve used it on my face seems to be ok. If you get sick & your nose gets raw or dry , use this to make it better. No stinging just healing.
 Premier ageless future cell renual cream – skin felt silky smooth and soft , especially when I woke up
Nivea in-shower body lotion- I don’t know if I really care for it. Hard to tell with one use. Also the tub does get slippery .
Nivea Extended Moisture lotion– Skin feels good, it is a little thinner than I like
Boscia detoxifying black cleanser – felt a little warm, cleansed skin well, skin didn’t feel tight afterwards
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Brazilian Smooth– One thing I love about their hair care is it smells good. Lathered up nicely, hair feels, & looks good. Helps with frizz and leaves hair REALLY soft.
Garnier Clean Black head eliminating scrub– smelled a little like mens aftershave. Foamed up nicely, gentle on skin, left skin cleansed & soft.
Have samples to use up? Join me on instagram and use hashtag #FoilFebruary

Play Beautifully with Elf Cosmetics #ElfBeautySquad


Prism EyeShadow Palette – Sunset  $10

ooooh ahhh


This is without primer. I’m new to doing swatches , perhaps I should do with & without primer. These colors are pretty pigmented but I do have to mix them with other colors. I don’t think I could pull off just these colors because I am so pale the veins are the colors of these purples and lets just say I looked like I was up for days when I just applied one color haha. These shades are really pretty. I can see myself really using the middle 2 a lot.

Illuminating Palette $6

4 shades to mix & match for a custom radiance that captures, diffuses, & softens the way skin reflects on your skin.
Infused with vitamin E & Argan Oil to nourish & hydrates the skin.

Use on your eyelids, cheekbones, or other areas you want to illuminate.

Moisturizing Lipstick- Marsala Blush $3

Excuse my goosebumps.

Blush Marsala Lipstick

This lipstick is enriches with shea and vitamins A, C, & E to nourish & hydrate your lips.
This formula is so rich & creamy it just glides on your lips. Plus it stays on for a long time & keeps lips smooth & hydrated while wearing. I love this color , it enhances my natural lip.

Precision Liquid Eyeliner  $3

Pigmented rich color that glides on smoothly. The tapered brush helps create bold or thin lines and easy to control.

This does make it a little easier to apply, goes on easy.

On the Spot Blot- mattifying blotting papers $5
These papers are infused with translucent powder to help mattify the skin and absorb oil without disturbing you make up. Nobody wants that! Especially when you spend time to do it. It comes with a mirror so you don’t have to worry about smudging lipstick or liner. It comes with a cute little puff that has a sticky adhesive that you grab the papers with.

Haven’t used these too much but they did help absorb without messing up or smudging my make up.

Lip color remover $3

elf lip remover

I know many make up enthusiasts get excited when we get a new lipstick. We want to try it on right away. Sometimes it stains or lips or the color doesn’t come off right away if its long wearing. Well that is no more. This formula gently breaks downs & removes the color. All you do it apply a small amount to your finger and apply evenly over lips. I like to use circular motions ( not needed). Leave on for about 3 seconds and then remove. Its infused with aloe & jojoba to help soothe & hydrate lips. So if you you want to swatch a few lip colors, or just get off a long wearing lipstick, this is for you.

I was surprised how well it takes of lipstick. Plus it leaves lips soft.

Shadow lock eyelid primer $2

Shadow lock primer
Preps eyelids for a smoother, long lasting crease proof eyeshadow. I picked this up at the Dollar Tree ( make sure to check the make up section). Its a champagne like color that helps eye shadow stay on longer. Its crease proof, goes on smooth, & is light weight. Definitely recommend this


I received these products for free ( unless stated) from E.l.f cosmetics , all opinions are my own.

Target & Walmart beauty box + PinchMe Box- Unboxing

Target Beauty Box Fall 2015

Target beauty box was $10 & worth $50

Another great box. I haven’t been disappointed yet. This box had a great variety of products. It included 10 items, 3 of them being full size products and the samples were good sizes as well.  The only thing I have used so far was the Olly beauty vitamins. I am not a big fan on grapefruit but they weren’t bad at all.

Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter
Luxuriate in a super-rich formula that quenches dry skin.

Hello Mojito Mint Toothpaste
This dye-free, sugar-free paste safely polishes your teeth and freshens your breath.

Olly Beauty Vitamins
An expert blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and collagen that promotes healthy eyes, skin & hair.

Expressionist Mascara Traveler
This natural mascara formula creates length and volume for luscious lashes.

ACURE Moroccan Argan Oil + Stem Cell Triple Repair Shampoo & Conditioner
Restore your hair with the help of organic argan oil, which provides moisture to even the most damaged hair leaving it soft and manageable.

Goody Ouchless Silicone Lined Elastics
These must-have elastics are made without metal for reduced snags and pulls.

Covergirl Intensify Me Eyeliner 300 ($6.99) – Full Size 
Create instant drama with this intense black formula that glides on smoothly and dries quickly.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in High Heels($8.59)- Full size
Its velvety-soft formula moisturizes with shea butter and aloe for color that lasts.

Roc Retinol Correction Eye Cream ( $20.49) – Full Size 
This non-greasy eye cream is especially formulated to help even out dark circles and reduce puffiness.

S.W. Basics Certified Organic Body Scrub
Certified Organic and made simply with just 3 ingredients, S.W. Basics Exfoliant features mineral-rich sea salt, organic oats with natural saponins to gently remove excess dirt and oil, and organic almonds rich in antioxidant vitamin E.


I’ve seen a handful of people get this box and thought I would try it as well. You get four a year, one for every season.

The main reason I decided to get it , is because it was advertised to have a Schick razor . I thought well if I don’t like the box at least I will have a razor . I was disappointed..no razor, tried most of these samples, & half the box I could have easily received from magazines . I feel like I just got left overs. Though the samples are useful just was expecting more I guess. I also contacted their customer service and they still haven’t replied back. (boo!)

Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Gladiolus  ( full size) $7.97

ACT Advanced care mouthwash

Vaseline intensive care lotion

Aussie mega hairspray

Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer with SPF 30

Crest 3D samples + $2 sample

Nivea extended moisture lotion sample

L’oreal Age Perfect Glow renewal facial oil

L’oreal revitalift miracle blur sample

$1 coupon for any L’oreal Paris true match product

Sniff sample of D by Jennifer Aniston + $3 off $22 purchase


PinchMe is completely FREE!

Purina Pro Plan savor shredded blend

Advil PM sample + $2 coupon

Gold Bond healing & strength resilience lotion samples

1 dentek floss pick + coupon


D-O-G LOVED this chicken & rice shredded blend by Purina Pro Plan


Mia Mariu Love Your Skin Pack review + giveaway #MiaMariu


  Mia Mariu is a complete line of botanical skin care, mineral makeup, nutritional supplements, fragrances, & essential oil blends using the finest ingredients in nature to help you illuminate your beauty from the inside out and from the outside in. I received a “Love Your Skin” pack to review. Keep reading to see how you can win a pack to try for yourself a $69 value! 😀

You can check out all of their products on there website Mia Mariu

Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser $23
Suitable for all skin types
Use AM & PM
Non-irritating, oil-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free,paraben-free
Removes tough dirt, makeup, & impurities
Leaves skin soft, hydrated, & refreshed
Formulated with essential oils to revitalize the appearance of your skin.

It has a light citrus smell from the orange, grapefuit, & lime oils that I enjoyed when using it. Leaves skin feeling clean without striping oils from your skin and leaving it dry, instead your skin feels really soft.

Hydrating Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 $46

Protects skin by blocking damaging UVA & UVA rays
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles with green tea extract.
Leaves skin nourished
Infused with white birch bark extract, pomegranate extract, & vitamins A & E to revive tired skin and boost cell renewal.
Non-irritating, oil-free, paraben free
Good for all skin types
Use AM & PM

Rich creamy moisturizer. This leaves your skin feeling baby soft. You can smell the sunscreen but it goes away quickly when applying. Sometimes with moisturizers with sunscreen I have issues with the way it works with my makeup. I didn’t have a problem when using this. It absorbs nicely but it does leave my skin a little shiny/oily looking. I usually have this issue when using moisturizers with sunscreens in them. I just add a little setting powder when I am done applying makeup and it is fine. I also didn’t breakout from using this moisturizer.

Theraputic Oils “Relax” $40
mia mariu oil
100% organic
Alcohol , paraben, sulfate free
Blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedar, clary sage pure essential oils.
Promotes inner peace & emotional well being
Induces relaxation
Reduces nervous tension & anxiety
Soothes discomfort with menstrual cycles
Supports restful sleep
Apply on pulse points on wrists, temples, & back of neck with circular motions.
The scent really is relaxing.

Use code: MIA20 when checking out for 20% off your order expires 12/31/2015

* * * * GIVEAWAY TIME * * * *

Enter here —->> Mia Mariu Love Your Skin Pack Giveaway

PRIZE: Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser, Hydrating Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30, Sample of Theraputic “Relax” Oil a $69 value
-U.S only
-Must be 18 or older
-Will have 24 hours to claim prize
-I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
Contest ends May 18 2015

For an extra entry , follow directions on my post on instagram

I received this product complimentary for testing & review purposes.

Influenster #XOVoxBox Review

I was super excited to get this #XOVoxBox from Influenster.


Adore Me

After being accepted I received an email with a code to get FREE lingerie! It’s from a new lingerie company called Adore Me. You can see more of what I thought about the lingerie I received here. They have a wide range of lingerie & bra sizes go up to DD+. They also have sleepwear, corsets, & swimwear. The designer of Adore Me used to work at Victoria’s Secret as design director. The fit of the bra & undies are perfect, almost like they were made for me. They are really comfortable but also make you feel confident & sexy. So if you want to feel & look good for yourself or a boyfriend/girlfriend, definitely check them out. You can get your first set for $25 using my link –> Adore Me
Adore me Lingerie

Skinfix hand repair cream

#XOVoxBox SkinFix hand repair cream

I haven’t heard of this brand but once I received my box I’ve seen it advertised a handful of times. Its exclusively sold at Target. It contains 1% colloidal oatmeal which is the ideal skin fix for eczema, dermatitis and extreme dryness. Made with natural ingredients & is free of steroids, fragrance, soy, parabens and phthalates. This cream calms redness, relieves itching, and rebuilds the skin barrier with a blend of healing botanicals, rich natural butters and emollient oils.
I didn’t love this or hate this hand cream. It is fragrance free but does have a weird smell to it but goes away once rubbed it. I also realized after using it a few times a little bit goes a long way. Which is good because it it a bit pricey ( 17.99 for 2oz). If you use too much, for me anyway it left my hands feeling a little greasy , it does absorb 5-10 minutes but I found using a smaller amount works better( and doesn’t leave hand as greasy).It has a thicker consistency & left my hands feeling silky & soft. Personally I don’t think I would buy it again, I prefer other lotions.

Lands’ End

#XOVoxBox Lands End #LandsEndLove
I was sent a special code for myself & to share with my readers/followers. You can save $25 off $100 using VOXLOVE at check out. I checked out the site and there were so many great pieces for Spring & Summer. I really liked the printed shorts, the butterfly print is really cool. I like the dress because you can wear it very casually out and about or dress it up and go to lunch. The purse is great for any outfit.
There are so many options and variety on their site , everything from casual wear, fitness, swimwear, shoes, accessories, & more.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth

XOVoxBox John Frienda Frizz Ease Beyond smooth
Frizz Immunity Shampoo & Conditioner: I like that these products have coconut oil in them.
They work from the inside out, fights frizz for ultra smooth hair.
-> After using the shampoo & conditioner while in the shower my hair was already feeling smooth. I enjoyed the scent and liked getting whiffs of it during the day.

Primer: Helps improve hair’s texture, increase manageability , & gradually build up hair’s immunity against frizz. Place a small amount to palm of hand and distribute evenly though hair from mid-shaft to tips. You should apply to wet/damp hair. Then style .

John Frieda Beyond Smooth #xovoxbox

These products smelled great, left hair feeling soft & smooth without weighing your hair down. I noticed my hair was less frizzy & left my hair looking great.

Colgate Optic White toothpaste & toothbrush+ built in whitening pen

XOVoxBox Optic White Brush
I was introduced about 2 years ago to Optic White through Influenster so was happy to see these products in my box. It’s a convenient & affordable way to get whiter teeth.

Toothpaste : Optic White Platinum Express White
Claims to give you whiter teeth in just 3 days.
-> I like the minty taste and the way it foams up when brushing. It leaves your mouth feeling tingly & clean. There was also no stale after taste like some minty toothpastes.

Toothbrush + pen : The toothbrush claims you will get whiter teeth in just 2 days! The toothbrush has polishing bristles & stain removers for surface stains.
-> The brush has different length bristles which help get around and between teeth. There are also small plastic blocks which I believe help remove surface stains. The bristles are soft & gentle but the plastic makes it a little rough on gums. Its also a little bulky and takes some time to get used to. I didn’t care for that part. On the back of the head of the brush there are little bumps, which I believe are for cleaning yous cheeks & maybe tongue ?

After you’re done brushing you take your pen and apply the gel. You will need about 2 clicks for top and 2 clicks of gel for bottom teeth. Its very easy to do and isn’t messy. I like start off with one click and apply to teeth then the second click for the rest , instead of having a big glob of gel to begin with. The gel doesn’t have an unpleasant taste, you don’t need to rinse off, and no waiting. The gel consistency is a bit pasty , slightly minty, & is a little grainy ( like baking soda grainy). You know when you go to the dentist when they clean you teeth that’s what it reminds me of.
I like that the pen is designed to fit inside your toothbrush so no losing it. I recommend wiping the tip of the pen before putting it in the toothbrush.

No need to change your routine. For best results use 2 times a day. Change out brush every 3 months.

-> After the 3 days I did notice a slight difference. My teeth were already pretty white but this routine is good if you are noticing your teeth looking a little dull and would like to brighten them up. Its convenient, easy, & affordable.

Optic White before & after 3 days

Tide Pods + Febreeze

#TidePods #xovoxbox
I love laundry pods. They are so convenient, no measuring or mess.I had a huge jug that I bought a BJs a few years ago. My cat knocked it over and when I ran to see what happened , there was laundry detergent EVERYWHERE! It was such a pain to clean, thankfully I won’t have to worry about another incident happening like that with Tide Pods.
I received botanical rain.I love the floral scent of these pods, its not overpowering.
These pods are a detergent to deep clean, stain remover, brightener, & gives your clothes long lasting freshness in just one little pod. These dissolve in cold , warm, or hot water & work with colors as well as whites. You can use them in standard & HE washers. If you want clothes that smell like they’ve been hanging out to dry in a flower garden, you should check out Tide Pods+ Febreeze Botanical Garden.

Have you heard or tried any of these products?

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster. All opinions are my own.

Holiday Beauty Look- Kiss me under the Mistletoe

So you have some holiday parties to go to this year. Here is a very simple but a little bold , holiday look .


What I used:
Aveeno Clear complexion daily moisturizer
Maybelline Fit me concealer 15
NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combo in Ibiza

Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in Red Alert
Rimmel London Moisture Renew transparent lipliner

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara
Almay intense i-color 403 smoky-i-for hazels ( the shimmery silver)
Benefit Watt’s Up! highlighter
NYX jumbo eye pencil 604 milk
eyelash curler

Pantene pro-v ultimate 10 BB creme
Kiss Instawave automatic curler
Suave Professionals touchable finish hairspray


Get the look :

Step 1: When I get out of the shower the first thing I do is apply moisturizer ( Love Aveeno) and chapstick or lip balm.

I don’t wear too much foundation , I usually just put on concealer. The fewer products I have to apply the better. I like using Maybelline Fit me concealer because it blends well and stays on.


Step 2: Apply Concealer triangle method for eye , and anywhere you are red. Blend

What I like to do is to apply the concealer under my eye in a triangle shape.I like using my ring finger to blend because its warm which helps blend easier ( for me) but feel feel to use a brush or sponge. Blend outwards. This helps conceal any dark circles, lifts face, makes you look rested.
There are few “triangle methods” shape wise , feel feel to google them and try them to see what shape works for you. I found this top on Pinterest.

Step 3: Apply Blush. I prefer applying blush from the apples of my cheeks and blend up to my temple.

Step 4: I like applying a small amount of white shimmer in the corner of my eyes tracing the V, to make them look bigger and more awake.

Step 5: Curl lashes

Step 6: Apply Mascara. I like starting at the root and wiggle the brush back and forth to the tips.

Step 7: Apply Benefit Watt’s up highlighter underneath brows

Step 8: Outline your lips with the transparent lip liner and over lip. This will help your lipstick stay and not bleed.

Step 9: Apply lipstick


Make sure you hair is dry.
I like applying Pantene BB Creme because it not only is it good for heat protection but frizz, moisture, shine and much more. I also like that you can use it one damp and dry hair.

Curl hair, I like tipping my hair upside down and loosening curls with my fingers when Im done curling my hair.Then use a hair spray to keep them in place.
I just got the Kiss Instawave and love it..no more sore arms for me!
Pin back how you would like.

Since I did red lips, I kept everything else simple. I also like that this look doesn’t take long to do. Always a bonus in my book.

Remember to start with a clean face . I love my Clarisonic Mia . It was one of the best gifts I received a couple years ago. As you can see I’ve used it so much the name is wearing off lol
Also remember to wash your face before bed. Clarisonic is great because it gentle on the skin to use daily but tough enough to get make up and dirt off your face