I made almost $10 at Walmart buying deodorant

I got home from a quick trip at Walmart which ended up being a GREAT trip!

I made $9.74 buying deodorant ( Degree, Dove, Axe)

If you aren’t signed up NOW is a perfect time to sign up for Ibotta . If you do this deal ( or any any deal) you will get $10 for submitting your first rebate within the first 2 weeks of signing up.

I was deciding if I should do this but I won a gift card so decided why not.

Also check the Axe in your clearance section 🙂


After you signed up , login into your Ibotta app.

Find Walmart under grocery. Then scroll to personal care and unlock the deodorant deals

  • Dove Men Care Dry Spray – $5.25 rebate
  • Dove Women’s Dry Spray – $5.25 rebate
  • Degree Women’s Dry Spray- $4.75 rebate
  • Degree Men’s Dry Spray – $4.75 rebate
  • Axe Dry Spray – $5.25 rebate
  • =  $25.25

If you have last weeks insert you can use the $2/1 Men’s Degree dry spray & $1.50 off Women’s degree dry spray


  • You will get $25.25 back
  • Check your bonuses there is a pumpkin patch bonus when you buy a certain amount of items = $5
  • I also completed my team level bonus which is where the $.50 is from
  • Check for the Mid-level week bonus = $2
  • If you are new $10 bonus!


You can cash out for gift cards & pay at $20 on Ibotta. Don’t miss out

My referral code is : 7jkmq 





L’oreal Paris Pure-Clay Mud Mask review

Lately I’ve been becoming more aware of L’oreal skincare products.  One of their newest products is their Pure-Clay Masks. I love mud masks , it’s like a spa day at home. Transform you skin in 10 minutes.


Each mask has 3 mineral clays and an enhanced- sourced ingredient tailored for ideal absorption time. They are sourced from Mountains in Morocco, the South of England, and the USA.

Mineral Clays: 

  • Kaolinite is a soft mineral which absorbs unwanted impurities to remove excess shine without stripping away natural oils
  • Montmorillonite comes from igneous rocks, is soft to the touch, swells when it comes into contact with water and is renowned for its purifying and rebalancing properties
  • Ghassoul is gathered from volcanic regions of Morroco where it’s been used by women in face masks and compresses for years

Added ingredient


  • Eucalyptus known for possessing purifying and soothing actions beneficial for women with oily skin
  • Charcoal acts like a magnet on the skin to draw out impurities
  • Red Algae nutritious in sugars that help to strengthen the skin. Extraordinarily fine natural volcanic particles act as a naturally effective exfoliant to gently remove dead skin cells




The texture of the clay is creamy and goes on smoothly. There is no overpowering scent & they dry pretty evenly. Some are more “perfumey” than others. These were also easy to take off with warm water.

These retail for about $9.99 each which is pretty good. I’ve even heard a few people saw these are as good as glam glow . I’ve only used samples of that brand so  I can’t really compare in my own experience. For best results use these 2-3 times a week.

P.S Don’t want to get your fingers all dirty witd the clay. You can do this with any mask. Get a fan art brush ( Walmart/Target/Craft store) and use it just for your masks. Make sure to clean them after each use.

Detox & Brighten

Skin concern: Dull & Tired skin


Went on smoothly and easy to apply over my face. This one was my favorite. As it dries you can see where you are oily . It is sucking all the impurities out of you skin.  I took warm water and took off the mud mask. My face looked clean , refreshed, & did look a little bright. This one is my favorite out of the 3 I tried.


Exfoliate & Refine

Skin concern: Rough & Clogged skin

This one is my next favorite. It looks like the  mud you see people applying to themselves when they go to one of those exotic locations. This clay does have small particles which help exfoliate. This one is sort of like a 2-in-1 mask. This one also doesn’t dry completely. I like rubbing it on in circular motion to exfoliate. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and wash it off.  I rub it off in circular motions are well to exfoliate. The particles in the clay weren’t harsh on the skin and very gentle. My skin felt great afterwards.



Mattify & Purify

Skin concern: Oily & Shiny skin



This one for me is best when I multi-mask or area/spot treatment. This one dried really hard and made my skin feel tight while it was on.  It also stung a little bit when I first put it on for 10-20 seconds but not enough for me to wash it off.  When I took it off it did have a cooling sensation and my skin looked  & felt really clean. My skin did feel a little dry . I will use this for a spot treatment instead of my whole face ( t-zone, cheeks, chin, nose) This would probably be better for someone who has an oilier complexion and someone who doesn’t have sensitive skin.


Multi-masking :


Multimask Loreal

Do you or have you done a multi mask? It’s applying a few different products to your face to help your problem areas. Your skin might be oily in your T zone but have dry cheeks.



Loreal Multimask

I received these products complimentary from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

May Freebies, Deals & Prizes

Last month was my birthday and that means birthday rewards & perks!BirthdayRewards

  • $10 reward from Victoria’s Secret
  • Marc Jacobs samples from Sephora . The lipstick is so pretty
  • Free drink from Starbucks
  • Free burger from Red Robin
  • SexyHair spray & play from Ulta
  • Water bottle from Sports Authority ( received $10) paid $2.xx
  • Charming Charlie $5 , The leaf necklace was $3.99 & the sun was $8



  • Victoria’s Secret bra- I used my $10 Happy birthday reward, $10 gift card & a secret rewards card. I then paid $6.xx ( with money I earned from surveys)
  • Fekkai products. I LOVE their dry shampoo but the nozzle was not unclogging no matter what I tried. I emailed them and asked if there was a certain way to clean it. They sent a replacement + some extra!
  • Bath & Body Works Spray. I posted one in my deals post for the week but was able to get 2 more coupons from other people. I spend $1.80 for one with a hand sanitizer & then $1.06 for the other because I bought a santizer holder for your purse. The offer was from quikly, check them out because they have it for many brands.
  • Poshly sent me 2 Aveeno samples, I’ve been wanting to try the ageless one


  • I won 25 coupons from Nestle company! Everyting from cookies to water . I picked up nestea and got my friend the coffeemate.
  • Chex mix + coupon & 3 Yoplait coupons from Pillsbury
  • Skittles free product coupon from twitter giveaway
  • Flipz coupons from emailing
  • L’oreal skincare samples
  • Family Dollar coupons , even a free dove deodorant.I sent them to my mom




  • Nugg Beauty UK Treat Box from instagram
  • Pure Silk Shaving Cream win from twitter
  • Remington Ready prize pack for being a semi-finalist in their #WhyKnot contest
  • Kind Breakfast cars + tshirt from twitter party
  • Won 100 When mask sheet masks
  • Aimee Kestenberg metallic camilla satchel from SheSpeaksUp contest

CVS Deal


Garnier Fructis  Spend $8 get $3 ECB

*Used: $3/2 MFC , $1 MFC, $2 CVS coupon =  $3

Physcian’s Formula $12.99 get back $8 ECB when you spend $12

( there is a $2 app coupon it didn’t come off but I emailed and they sent it to me)

Revlon b1g1 50% off  4 = $9.86 ( Used 4x $3 MFC) = $2.14 in overage

2 x $3/$15 cosmetics

20% off, $5 ECB, $2 ECB

I paid nothing & got back $11 ECB


Chipotle – Used Bogo coupon – paid $8.xx

I mentioned before my iphone took a splash in the ocean. I bought one on Amazon 🙂

•Free crackers or cookies from Back to Nature/ Target

• Braggs Seasonings x 3 samples

• Free Organic Balance Milk coupon

•Urban Decay perversion sample

• 2x free m&ms coupon

•Pacific foods free product coupon

• Justin’s Free snack pack coupon

•Derma e $3 coupon & sun screen sample

• Dove men’s & axe sample + $2 coupon

• Apricot power chocolate brownie mix

• cute poise bag + samples

• Allegra sample from target +coupon

• lifetime move blanket from splashscore

• Buddha teas turmeric ginger tea


Samplesoource box filled with goodies

Headphones  I was sent to review ( great sound quality) Get them on amazon

30 in 30 chocolate cake protein shakes I was sent to review ( wasn’t a fan)



Picked up more free gummies ( Stop & Shop/ Walgreens)

All the Revlon from the past 2 weeks. I made around $20 buying them!


What goodies have you been getting in the mail or deals you’ve done this week?



May 22 2015 Deals


Have you signed up for ShopYourWay? I never really shopped at Sears ( available for Kmart too) but when I learned I could get points for purchases by playing some instant win games I started going there.

This glass & gold accent bowl was $4.95 on clearance. I used my points and paid nothing.

Sears Shop Your Way Bowl


Its such a pain when stores & employees vary with coupons. I wanted to use a bunch of revlon coupons but was limited to 4. boo!

Trip 1: Total $.96 Received $1 ECB for Garnier & $1 SavingStar

  • Cat Chow $4.99 , used $1 MFC = $3.99
  • Garnier $2.99  $2CVS Coupon/ $1 MFC = FREE
  • Arizona Tea 2/$1
  • Revlon Shadow B1G1 50% off   $3.29/ $1.64 Used 2x $3 MFC = $1.07 overage
  •  $3 ECB

Trip 2:  $.89  received $5 ECB

  • 2 Reese’s Snack Mix 2/$3 Used 2x$1 MFC = $1
  • Revlon = 9.86 used 4x$3 MFC =  $2.14 overage
  • Colgate $3.49 each  $2/2 CVS  $1/2 MFC ( received $2.50ECB for each)
  • 2 ECB

Stop & Shop

This worked out better than expected  I paid $.68 & getting back $1.80 from savingstar

Stop & Shop

  • Butter $2.99 each ( $.50 savingstar)
  • Suave Body wash 2/$3 , Used 2x$.50MFC that dbled = $1 ( $.25 savingstar)
  • Suave deodorant 2/$3, used 2x $.50  that dbled = $1 ( $.50 savingstar)
  • Lipton Mix $1 each , Used 2x$.60 that dbled & I believe 3 x $.60 ecoupons came off ( $.60 savingstar)
  • This deal was spend $15 , get $5 instant savings


FREE. Sign up for their texts! I received a BOGO coupon & also used a $10 gift card that I redeemed on one the survey sites I use.



Bath & Body Works

Sign up on quikly. They always have fun promotions. I scored a free body mist with a purchase. I like the hand sanitizer for my purse. I paid $1.80

Bath & body


Paid $.69 – Received $10 in points


Revlon shadows were BOG1 50% off + points on 2. They were on clearance $1.69 . I used 4x 3 MFC & a walgreens coupon for points if you spend $10 or more . ($9.xx money maker)


Sign up for Petco Pals & add your pets birthday & they will get a surprise. Gizmo just turned 14 & loves these treats.



If you head to Target , grab a frappuccino  . Add 25% off on the cartwheel app. Also used a giftcard. Perfect treat for me and my bestie




April Freebies, Deals & Prizes

Another great month checking my mail.

Freeform Braclet

3D Bracelet when ABC was turning over to Freeform.  This one is by artist Madeline Gannon

Nectar Glasses

Free pair of Nectar sunglasses $30

April Freebies

  • Badia pepper
  • Dove bodywash + $3 coupon from RiteAid
  • Laneige sample – found in Allue Magazine
  • Free Biscoff cookie coupon
  • $5 Bob Evans coupon from taking survey
  • Diet coke tshirt from contest they had
  • Another pair of Nectar Glasses ( didnt look good on friend)


  • Traded some coupons for the free Chipotle coupon
  • Procera extreme focus + $5 coupon
  • Cal-ez calcium
  • Fancy Feast Medleys can
  • Green Mountain Coffee kcups
  • Magnet Fillipo Berio  butter vs olive oil measurement table
  • Ramen sticker
  • Free 8×10 print from Walgreens
  • Lancome beauty sleep perfector sample
  • tshirt from pauseforinspiration.org
  • Baby box from Amazon for free . ( Bottle , diaper , pads , pacifier , kind bar, baby wipes, baby shampoo, bubble bath , ect) that I am donating


  • Redeemed my Chipotle coupon YUM
  • I won $5 & $10 gift cards to Dominos – 2 , 2 topping pizzas & 20oz sprite for $.65


Received these brushes to review. I love the case and the big variety of brushes but they do have a paint/ chemical scent to them. It is going away though as time passes though. They are $16.99 on Amazon 


I won a contest on Instagram and won these onyx and gold earrings from Ettika


What goodies have you received in the mail lately?



Weekend Deals: Clothes, Beauty, Shoes

Victoria’s Secret


Mists & Lotions are 2/$10 so check your store. ( usually $18 each)

I had a Happy Birthday coupon that they mailed me ( sign up for their catalog!)

I also received a $10 Secret Rewards card a friend send me. I paid $.64 for a set

I also received one in the mail that I sent for, it came really late but they let me use it.

The coconut sky reminds me of the beach!

JC Penney


If you were the first 100 people in line you got a rewards card. I dragged my friend Shawn with my and ended up with 4 of them( $10 off $10) …no big win  . My friend didn’t find anything but I had no trouble finding some deals.

I also redeemed a $10 gift card from one of my survey sites to use for today.

Necklace: $ was $24 on sale for $12 ( $12.13 with tax) Used my reward card = $2.13

” Live for the moments” Trinket Bowl with key chain- $28 – on sale for $14 ( $14.25 with tax) = $4.25

Bracelet= $20 on sale for $10 = FREE

Dress: $52 on sale for 50% off


Sign up for a ShopYourWay account , it’s free. They have a sweepstakes/instant  win game syou can enter daily & win points. Points= $$  They also have an app Spin it to Win it I believe is the name.  I had about $24 in points and wanted to see if they had anything so I had a bigger amount before they started to expire.


I ended up finding these Bongo brown tie up sandals for $19.99 = FREE with points


I got this a week ago but wanted to add it here. I received an email from Fabletics, I created an account awhile back so browse. They sent me an email with $30 credit.  I ended up get a 3 pack of socks & this very comfortable top for $1.90 !!



This should be on the other deal post I have previous to this one but I put together all my Wet N Wild haul from CVS. They had a sale buy 1 get 1 free. I had $.50 coupons off one. You can use the coupon on the ‘free’ item. These were all $.99 so these were all free. Excited to try the lipstick colors & nail polish. I already put on ‘Blazed” I love it .

List of companies to email for coupons

About a year ago I emailed some companies and asked if they had any coupons they could send me. Most of the companies I emailed me did send me coupons. Well about 2 weeks ago I couldn’t sleep and thought I’m going to email a bunch of companies and ask again. This time I wrote down what I got from each company that said they would send.


I will start adding links directly to the site soon & will continue to update as I get them in. I wanted to wait a little so I got a majority but still have a lot on the way.


My tips:

  • Be original. With some pet food companies I said I was writing because my cats asked me to because they love their food so much & want me to buy more but want me to save too.
  • Be positive
  • Tell them a short story or memory with their brand.
  • Tell them how long you’ve been using their product/brand.
  • If they don’t have a place to put your address , put it after whatever you write in the comment part. It saves a step of them having to email you asking for it.
  • If you have a suggestion tell them (  how to improve something, new flavor idea, ect)
  • Have you been looking at a product but too pricey? Tell them . You can say something along the line that you’ve seen it at your store but its a little out of your budget or you really want to try it and ask if they have any coupons.
  • Just ask



4C  2 x $1 off any product  2x $1 off 4C liquid water enhancer

4grain eggs 2x $.35 off


Apple & Eve Juice 2x $1 off 2, 2x$.55 off 1

Al fresco 2x $1 off

Amore 1 free product & $1 off

Amy’s $1.50 off full sized pizza, $1 off 2 burritos, $1 off 2 soup,beans, or chilli, $1 off entree

Aquafor 3 x $3 off

Arrowhead Mills 2x $.55



Balance Bar- 2  coupons for FREE bars

Barbara’s $1 off any product x 2

Barber Foods 3x $1  *request every 6 months

Bolthouse 4x $1

Borden cheese or butter $.55



Cabot 2x $.50 off any product

California Olive Ranch Olive Oil 3 x $1 off

Canyon Bakehouse bread 3x $1 off

Chicken of the Sea free product up to $3

Chobani 6 x $.30 *request every 3 months

Cooked Perfect Meatballs $1

Crunchmaster Crackers 4 x $.50



Daiya 2 x $1 off coupons

Dr Praeger’s  2x $1

Dream $1 off beverage / 2x $.50 almond dream yogurt

Dreamfields $1 off 1



Earthbound Farms 2x $1

Eggland’s Best 2x $.50 off eggs

Enjoy Life 1x $1.50 off 2 products, 4x  $1 off any product

Eucerin 3 x $3 off

Evol $1 off any product



Fancy Feast 2 x $.75 off 3 cans of Purina brand pet food & 1 FREE ( up to $5.56) on any 2 Purina brand pet food

Filippo Berio – 5x $2 coupons for rubusto or delicato extra virgin olive oil,  5x $1 coupons on any olive oil + bookmark, booklet of 101 recipes & magnet olive oil vs butter measurements

Flipz (3) $.50 coupons

Florida’s Natural OJ (5) $.50

Food For Life 4x $.50 of any product

Freekah Foods 2 bags of their grains + 5x $.50 coupons


Free samples , magnet, bookmark, recipe booklet!


Garden of Eatin’ 2x$.55

Gardein 3x $1

Gorton’s 2x $1 off frozen seafood

Gold’n Plump Chicken 3x $1 off one package



Hanover $.50 off frozen/ $.50 off canned

Hot Pocket $.55 off x2  ( or lean pocket)



Iams 2x $2 off

Imagine 2x $.55

International Delight 2x $.55


Jif 2x $.35 off

Jimmy Dean $1 off breakfast product

Jones 2 x $1 off any products

Johnsonville 2x $1 off any sausage product *contact again in 90 days for additional coupons

Johnson & Co. booklet > ( received 2 of these because I contacted Glade & Windex which are both under the same company)

*2x $1 Scrubbing Bubbles , $1 Fantastik , $1 Windex, $1 Pledge, 2x $1 Ziploc, $1 Shout

Glade: $1 wax melts, $1 plugin, $1 automatic spray, $1 jar candle

2x$1 OFF!, 2x $1 Raid, $1 Drano


Justin’s $1 off



KA*ME  $1 off & one free item

King’s Hawaiian FREE package of rolls, buns, or bread

Kozy Shack 2x $.55



Land O Lakes 3x $.55 butter or butter product, 1x $.50 eggs

Late July Organic 3x $.55

La Tortilla Factory 4x $.55 off

Luigi’s Real Italian Ice 3 x $.25

Luvo (5) $1.50 off



Malt -O-Meal 2x $.75 cereal

MamaMancini’s 2x $2

Mama Rosie’s 2 x $1 off 2 products

Mambo Sprouts booklet – $2 off pacific steel cut oatmeal/ $.75 off Alexia product, $1 off 2 Horizon snacks, dried fruit, or super squeeze/ Ellyndael $1 off coconut infusions or cooking oil/ $1 off Lifeway/ $1 off truroots/ $1 off veggie fries/ $1 off siggis 24oz/ $1 off santa cruz organic/ $1 off once again 16oz tahini/ $1 riceselct couscous

Marie’s dressing $1  ( contact every 3 months)

Martin;s bakery products  3 x $.55

Maruchan  $.50 off 24 ramen, $.50 off 12 lunch, $.50 off 6 bowl, $.50 off 8 yakisoba + sticker

Eat, Sleep, Ramen, Repeat

Mariani dried fruit free package

McCormick 2x $.75 off recipes mix, 1 x $.75 off any mccormick item

Michelina’s 2x $1 off 2

Mrs T Perogies 3x $1 off 3



Nasoya 3x$.75 any product

Newman’s Own $.50 off any product (4 coupons)

Nissin 4 x buy 3 , get 1 free off cup noodles homestyle, chow mein bowl, bowl of noodles hot & spicy

Nivea 2x$2 lotion , 2x $2 off men’s face or shaving, 2x$1 body wash

Northalnd juice 3 x $1 off 2 , 3 x $.55 off 3



Ocean Spray free bottle 96oz or smaller

Odwalla 3x $1 off

Oliva’s Organics 2 , $1 off 2



Pacific 3x $1 off 1 item + free product coupon

Pasta Chips 3 coupons for FREE bags, 3 x $1 off

Persil (4) $1

Pompeian (2) $1

Popcorn Indiana = free bag of popcorn up to $3.99

President Specialty Cheese FREE ( up to $9)

Pretzel Crisps 3 x $1

Premio Italian Chicken Sausage  (2) $.50



Quorn  4x $1 off



Ristorante Pizza 2 x $1

R.W Knudsen Family juice 2x $1 off



Sabra Hummus  2x $.55 off , 2x $1 off

Santa Cruz Organic 2x $1 off

Schick free up to $14.99 schick hydro silk razor or refill * this was a semi complaint email

Screamin Scilian 2x $1 off

Seed of Change- FREE product coupon

Silk 2 x $1

Similac ( I contacted Ensure but same company > 3 x $2 off infant formula

Smart Balance1, $1 off any product

Smucker’s 2x $.55 off

So Delicious booklet filled with 6 x $1 coupons for a variety of their products ( ice cream, drink, creamer

Spice Islands Product $1

Suja free 12oz bottle, 2x$1

Sunsweet $.75 off any product x 2



Talenti 3x $1 off

Tabasco $.50 off

Terra (2)  $.55

*Tofurky ( received 2 booklets) $.75 off roasted chick’n, $.75 off deli slices, $1 off sausages, $.75 off dogs, links , & ground, $.75 of tempeh, $1 off pizza, $.75 off pockets

– 10 x $.75 but they expired 2 days after

Tribe Hummus 1 free product up to $6.99 & 3x$1 off

Turkey Hill – sent me a handful of coupons $1 off gelato, $1 off natural ice cream, $1 off premium ice cream, $.50 off ice cream, yogurt, stuff’d , or sherbet, $.75 off any of their ice cream x2

-$.75 off pure & chill drink, $.75 off haymakers drink, $.50 off their drinks x3

2x $1 off any of their products

TUMS- they sent a booklet with $1 off Aquafresh, $1 off sensodyne, $1 off biotene, $1 off breathe right, $2 off Os Cal, $2 off Citrucel, $2 off Gaviscon, $1 off Tums, $1 off polident, $1 off poligrip



Weber 2x $.50 on spray, bbq sauce, or seasoning  *contact every 6 months

Welch’s Snacks 2x $.50

Welch’s juice,jam, or jelly 2x $.75

Whiskas (5) $1

Wonderful Pistachios 4x $1


Yasso frozen Greek Yogurt 3 x $1


Zatarain’s 2x$.50 any of their products


Companies that said no, sign up for newsletter, check social media, check newspaper, ect

  • Tressemme
  • Uncle Bens
  • Dannon
  • Wholly Guacamole
  • Thomas English Muffins
  • I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter
  • Red Gold Tomatoes, Tuttorosso Tomoatoes
  • Wet Ones
  • Kashi
  • HIdden Valley
  • Skippy
  • Mrs Buttersworth
  • Musselman
  • Sobe
  • Del Monte
  • Dole
  • Motrin
  • Molly McButter
  • Farm Rich
  • Pepperidge Farms
  • Skinny Cow- sent me a link to a coupon
  • Arnold Bread
  • Snickers
  • Fresh Express
  • Chiquita
  • No Yolk Noodles
  • Anciant Harvest
  • Near East
  • Mission
  • Banana Boat
  • Edge Shaving
  • Log Cabin syrup
  • Skintimate
  • Hershey
  • Bertolli
  • Flatbread
  • Country Crock
  • Tabatchnick
  • Red Baron
  • Bear Naked
  • Snyders of Hanover
  • Brown Cow Farms
  • Breyers
  • NY Toast
  • Stretch Island Fruit
  • Better Oats
  • Seapak
  • Tropicana
  • Neutrogena