Hydrate & Depuff with these eye patches – mini review

It’s been awhile since I posted. Sorry about that 🙂 I am active on instagram if you want to see what I’m buying & using, making, ect.

I tried some eye masks recently and wanted to share what I thought.

Nugg eye masks


I really like these Nugg eye masks. The results made me look more refreshed and awake. I highly recommend trying these.

They come with  gel & eye pads. I put the gel in the fridge while I was in the shower and when I got out it was nice and cool. I liked that they come separate.

Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming gels


These are easy to use. Open the pack and just place them under your eyes. They were comfortable on for the 10 minutes. The results were ok , my under eye area did feel really soft & hydrated.

Han aka Hydrogel eye patch

These were my second favorite from the 3. These are clear jelly type patches. The felt really nice on; cooling, refreshing, & comfortable. My eyes weren’t really puffy but my under eye area was really soft, hydrated and I looked more refreshed. I’d try these out again.

Han aka eye patches


Do you have a favorite eye cream or eye patch for hydration or puffiness? 

When do you use them? I usually put them on after I get out of the shower and wait to 10-15 minutes while I’m getting ready or eating.



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