Weekend Deals: Clothes, Beauty, Shoes

Victoria’s Secret


Mists & Lotions are 2/$10 so check your store. ( usually $18 each)

I had a Happy Birthday coupon that they mailed me ( sign up for their catalog!)

I also received a $10 Secret Rewards card a friend send me. I paid $.64 for a set

I also received one in the mail that I sent for, it came really late but they let me use it.

The coconut sky reminds me of the beach!

JC Penney


If you were the first 100 people in line you got a rewards card. I dragged my friend Shawn with my and ended up with 4 of them( $10 off $10) …no big win  . My friend didn’t find anything but I had no trouble finding some deals.

I also redeemed a $10 gift card from one of my survey sites to use for today.

Necklace: $ was $24 on sale for $12 ( $12.13 with tax) Used my reward card = $2.13

” Live for the moments” Trinket Bowl with key chain- $28 – on sale for $14 ( $14.25 with tax) = $4.25

Bracelet= $20 on sale for $10 = FREE

Dress: $52 on sale for 50% off


Sign up for a ShopYourWay account , it’s free. They have a sweepstakes/instant  win game syou can enter daily & win points. Points= $$  They also have an app Spin it to Win it I believe is the name.  I had about $24 in points and wanted to see if they had anything so I had a bigger amount before they started to expire.


I ended up finding these Bongo brown tie up sandals for $19.99 = FREE with points


I got this a week ago but wanted to add it here. I received an email from Fabletics, I created an account awhile back so browse. They sent me an email with $30 credit.  I ended up get a 3 pack of socks & this very comfortable top for $1.90 !!



This should be on the other deal post I have previous to this one but I put together all my Wet N Wild haul from CVS. They had a sale buy 1 get 1 free. I had $.50 coupons off one. You can use the coupon on the ‘free’ item. These were all $.99 so these were all free. Excited to try the lipstick colors & nail polish. I already put on ‘Blazed” I love it .


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