Keep produce fresh with Rubbermaid fresh works

Everyone is eating or at least trying to eat healthier more these days. I don’t know about you but one thing that is a pain is when I go to grab produce in the fridge and its all wet, soggy, moldy, or soft. The worst, for me is grabbing spinach and it being all slimy. YUCK! Being single, it sometimes can be hard to get through some produce fast enough before it starts to go bad.

Did you know: 

  • Americans waste 23 billion pounds of fresh produce each year because it spoils before we can eat it.
  • Americans throw away  $24 billion worth of produce  each year.


Two things that I eat a lot of and that tends to go bad quick is spinach & strawberries ( or any berries). I was happy when I was sent the NEW Rubbermaid fresh works produce saver in the medium size to try out.

Rubbermaid has 3 sizes ( shown below)



I  bought strawberries a day or two before I received my new container, it was perfect timing.

How it works



It keeps produce fresher up to 80% longer than using traditional / store packaging.

At the top there is a FreshVent Lid that contains a membrane that naturally regulates  the flow of oxygen & carbon dioxide to create an optimal environment to keep your produce fresh. The membrane never needs to be replaced or removed.

At the bottom , there is a CrispTray that elevates the produce away from moisture & promotes airflow to help prevent spoilage.

Condensation inside, means its working.

Don’t wash or cut up product before placing in in the container.

All components are dishwasher safe

BPA-free & made with non-toxic plactic


Rubbermaid Strawberries Time


Here are my strawberries ( remember I did have them 1-2 days prior) day 1 in the Rubbermaid Fresh Works container and on day 13. Almost 2 weeks is when they started to show signs of going bad.

I’m pretty happy with this container,it did a great job. I’m going to spinach or lettuce next and see how it does with that.

Have you seen this product yet?  What produce do you want to keep fresher longer?


This post was sponsored by Rubbermaid® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review



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