Gwen Stefani- This is What The Truth Feels Like review

Gwen Standard Album Cover


I love Gwen Stefani. I remember in middle school my friends older sister was a fan and would always blast her music in her room. I remember she even dressed like Gwen. Ever since then I’ve been a fan. Catchy tunes, flawless make up, and fun fashion. I even bought her eye shadow palette with Urban Decay in November. I had to have it.

Can you believe its been a decade since her last solo album?  This is What The Truth Feels Like is her latest album that came out (Match 18) which I recently listened to.

With a divorce & a new realtionship you can tell she put her emotion into this album. With songs like Misery, Make Me Like You, & Used to Love You

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Some of my favorites on the album are: 

I think one songs most can relate to when it comes to heartbreak and realizing it is over is Used to Love You. Especially with these lyrics:

I don’t know why I cry
But I think it’s cause I remembered for the first time
Since I hated you
That I used to love you

I feel like she displayed her vulnerability .

‘Make Me Like You’

Check out the video here

I want more of this! Catchy, gets you moving, & you start to sing a long. The melody is infectious


Another catchy track, despite the title. It is about infatuation and a new romance.

I’m so into you totally . You’re like drugs to me

The album wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t my favorite either. Some of the songs & tunes are catchy and you get into them but they weren’t that memorable or distinctive. It has been quite some time since her last album, I had different expectations.  Her voice was great  but this album didn’t do it for me. Holla back girl..when you make another album.


I participated in this sponsored album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided the album to review but all opinions are my own.


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