Beanfields Bean & Rice chips

Have you tried Beanfields bean & rice chips yet?
I know a lot of people have made resolutions to eat healthy or lose weight. Well that doesn’t mean you can’t have a snack.

Yes, the main ingredient in these chips are beans. Beans are both a vegetable & protein source. These bean & rice chips provide:
5 grams complete protein
6 grams of fiber
4.5 grams of fat per serving

These chips are also non-gmo project verified, gluten free, & vegan.

Find out more & check out the comparison charts how these chips stack up on their website Beanfields Snacks

There are 7 varieties of flavors to try :
beanfields flavors

I really wanted to try Pico de gallo but all the stores around me only had Sea Salt & Nacho. I will continue my hunt!

BeanfieldsChips (1)

If your store has a ‘healthy’ aisle with the natural, organic foods, that is where I found these chips.

I think they were around $3 for a 6oz bag.

These were either going to be a hit or miss. I opened up the bag and grabbed a few chips. I took a bite and they had a nice crunch to them. They sort of melt in your mouth with each bite but are still crunchy at the same time. I also liked that even though delicious; I wasn’t in a chip trance to eat the whole bag like you would doritios. I think because as you are chewing, you still have the crunch but you keep chewing to break it down to swallow. Probably from the rice & bean mix. So it kind of tricks your brain into thinking you are having more than you are and you are actually enjoying each chip . Your body recognizes hey, I had enough of those yummy chips, I’m satisfied & full now, thanks! lol


Out of the 2 flavors, nacho was my favorite just because I liked the extra flavor. Which is made of recognizable ingredients like tomato powder, onion powder, paprika, green bell pepper powder, red bell pepper powder. Don’t expect to grab nacho and expect bright orange , cheesy salty chips. ( picture above is Nacho) They have a mild but tasty flavor.

Sea Salt only has a few ingredients since they are pretty much plain: Black beans, Navy beans, Organic brown rice , brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil, sea salt.

If you made a resolution to lose weight or eat healthier, I would recommend trying these chips as an alternative to the other chips out there. One of the things you shouldn’t do is deny yourself something you like. Just try to find better alternative which Beanfields bean & rice chips are.

Final thoughts:
Try a bag if you see them in stores. You feel good about eating these, they satisfy that snack craving, they are tasty, & you can read & understand the ingredient list.

I received coupons to redeem these chips for free from Beanfields Snacks. All opinions are my own.


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