Empties 3- Mini Reviews

Empties Review

1.Align Probiotic – Not too much to say about these. I actually took these after my mom left because I was eating a lot more food and food I don’t normally have a lot of especially in a weeks time like beef, bacon, fried food, chinese, pizza lol.

2.Hair Food- Clairol Moisture hair mask infused with honey apricot fragrance. I originally found out about this from Influenster then got one in my Target beauty box. I LOVE how soft my hair feels after using this. It also helps with frizz. If you have thick or textured hair definitely try it out. It can be found at Target.


3. DDF Micro-Derma Crystals– Like the small crystals, easy to use, & gives skin a nice glow. The only con is it is expensive. ( $50) I feel like there are exfoliators that are just as good for half or even a fraction of the cost.

4.Skinfix hand cream I love how this makes my hands feel , really soft & smooth. On the other hand it left my hands greasy & has an odd smell.

5. Philosophy Amazing Grace firming body emulsion- Left my skin really soft & hydrated all day. Absorbed nicely, didn’t leave skin greasy. I didn’t care for this scent though. For me it was to perfumey

6. Philosophy Amazing Grace shampoo, bath, & shower gel– I wasn’t a fan of this product. As a shampoo it didn’t clean my hair well at all. It worked better as a bath/shower gel but like the other Amazing Grace product I didn’t care for the scent. It just reminded me of an old grandmas home who loves potpourri

7. Perfume sample (from survey test)- smelled really good no idea what brand/ name wish I did though

8. Skin Village 9 – Supper Puppy Whitening Mask. Sheet mask didn’t fit well, but stayed on. Skin felt nice afterwards. Didn’t really look a lot like a puppy and it sort of freaked out my cat Gizmo haha

sheet mask

9. Patchology Hydrate flashmasque- It really does hydrate well. It fit well on my face, stayed on. Face felt soft afterwards, when I woke up my skin looked really healthy and still soft & smooth.

Patchology Sheet Mask

10.CURA skincare complexion catalyst creme WOW! Nice & creamy. I woke up and my face felt & looked fantastic. Absorbed nicely into skin. Face was soft, smooth, hydrated.

11. Arm & Hammer, Truly Radiant Rejivenating toothpaste Left teeth & mouth clean, teeth white but I do prefer the whitening & enamel strengthening.

12. Milani nail polish – pretty pearly white – (its old & it leaked )

13. Flat White – came in a kit – not too much to say about it ( old , clumpy so was time to toss it) 

14.Aveeno daily moisturing sheer hydration lotion-  Didn’t have much of a scent, I do prefer a thicker consistency but kept skin soft & hydrated.


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