Haircut for the Holidays

I love long hair but I also like having shorter hair. My hair is super thick so it can be a bit much at times . Waiting for my hair to dry…yeah right! Blow drying takes time and my arms hurt. Oh and if I want to change it up curling/flat iron I should be prepared to give up half way through or get an arm work out. lol

My hair was at the length while nice and pretty was a pain.

So on Monday I went and got it cut .

haircut 2015

The best feeling is running your hands through your hair after a cut, especially when a lot of length is taken off.  The first shower is also nice.

I was lucky and didn’t have to pay for my cut . I was a hair model for a demonstration at Arrojo NYC . It was my first time getting my hair cut in front of a class and a bit weird with 50-60 people looking at you. I also almost slipped on my hair when I got up , that would have been so embarrassing!

If you live in a major city you should google if any of those big salons have training nights. You can get you hair cut for either free or at a fraction of the cost.  You can get color , blow outs, styling as well too.

If you aren’t in a major city, check out your local beauty schools.

If you are in NYC :

Try Bumble & Bumble  I went there a few times, loved my hair each time.

Arrojo NYC  – Get your hair cut , colored, styled, ect by one of their students for a fraction of the cost.

You can also check out SalonApprentice where they look for volunteers.

short hair 2015 arrojo nyc


Do you get your hair cut for the holiday season? 


2 thoughts on “Haircut for the Holidays

  1. I have super long hair and I have cut it 2 times in my life both wayyyyy to short! I love short hair, but the minute my hair gets cut I immediately miss it. But I love the style on you!

    • Thank you. I know what you mean… when I hear the first few cuts its like, well its too late to go back now lol. My hair grows so fast. The last time it was cut, it was shorter than this cut ( 2 years ago). I will miss the extra warmth my long hair gave me this winter though 🙂

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