Empties – Mini Reviews

I get a lot of samples & products ( as you can see from my freebie, deals, & prizes) posts.

I started doing little reviews my instagram but thought I should start sharing on my blog too!

Empties review


Herbal Essences Naked shampoo & conditioner: I really liked these. For some reason other Herbal Essences ( shampoo/condioner) never really gives my hair a good wash.  Naked is totally different though, it left my hair really clean without stripping my natural oils. My hair looked and felt great. Nice smell too.

Udderly Smooth Foot Cream:  I love this stuff! Its so creamy and thick. I like putting it on my feet before bed, put on socks and wake up and my feet are super soft and moisturized.

Derma E Hydrating Day Creme– a little thinner than my normal moisturizer, nice subtle scent, left skin really soft & moisturized, & a little went a long way.

Kate Somerville Retasphere– Received a sample from Sephora. You use it at night, it left skin a little shiny/ oily looking but eventually absorbed in. You use it at night so I would just put it on before bed. Though I didn’t see results , it was a sample but when I woke up my skin felt fantastic. It was plump and really soft.

Dr Brandt PoreDermabrasion– lovely peppermint scent, doesn’t irritate skin  like other exfoliators. I like that it is on the small side because I feel like it cleans you skin better and really cleans out pores.  ( con: its expensive for a full size)

Yesto grapefruit correct & repair pore perfection paper mask. 

It smelled like chemicals when I opened it up. I was surprised by the green color of the mask. It didn’t fit my face well, too big. I did have fun taking selfies with it. I was channeling Jim Carrey in The Mask  Didn’t really notice anything ( was my 1st one)


I’ve been buying shampoo and conditioner ( for free) and get lots of samples but I’ve been getting a lot of shampoo & conditioner to test for survey sites I belong to.

(Tester) Shampoo– brand unknown but I enjoyed using it, cleaned my hair without striping it, smelled great, nice lather

(Tester) Body wash– another one from a survey site. It smelled great but was a little on the thin side. Left skin clean, moisturized , soft.


What are some good… or bad product you’ve tried lately?




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