O.B Pro Comfort Tampons Review #obPROCOMFORT

You head down the personal hygeine aisle and there are shelves stacked with different options of tampon. Scented, Non Scented, no applicator, applicator, plastic or card applicator, super, regular,lite , ect.
I have a few different brands I use depending on what is on sale when I need them. Recently Smiley360 sent me O.B pro comfort tampons. I’ve heard of these and even tried them once or twice in the past but have never been a frequent user.


The first thing you notice is the size.

This is one of my regular brands I use. 18 count & O.B Pro Comfort 18 count pack regular brand.
Why the difference? Well O.B Pro Comfort tampons don’t have an applicator. It is wrapped in plastic so it stays sanitary. Easier to carry and less waste.

They even sent me a cute plastic case to keep a few in, to be prepared.

O.B tampons actually launched in Europe before it caught on here in the U.S.
With O.B tampons not having an applicator they say it will help wearing a tampon be more comfortable. Most applicators are straight but the vagina is curved. Finger tip insertion allows you to follow the natural curve of the vaginal canal where it will be most comfortable for your body.

Will it be messy? It shouldn’t be. There is a little ‘finger pocket’ to protect your finger.

Proper way to use it?
Make sure you hands are washed.
Grab your sealed O.B tampon & unwrap it.
Next grab the string and pull it tight left to right. This widens the bottom and creates the ‘finger pocket’.
Place index finger in finger pocket while using your thumb & middle finger to hold the tampon.
Check here for their user guide

Finding the right fit
Below is a graph that shows a typical woman’s flow pattern during her period. It is usually heaviest the first 3 days so you may want to you a higher absorbency tampon those days.

The reason O.B tampons protect so well, even with their small size is because they expand to fit your body & fluid lock grooves to protect against leaks. Fluid lock grooves guide the fluid inside the core for up to 8 hours of protection.

Where to buy
CVS, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens are a few places to look.
You can also head to their website O.B Tampons


My thoughts:
I must say the whole not having an applicator turned me off from really using these. Plus I learned I wasn’t quite using them right when I used them in the past. I missed the step about moving the string to create the finger pocket. I like that they are small & compact so they are easy to put in your purse, pocket…anywhere. I am also a fan that these have less waste than my normal tampons since they don’t have a plastic applicator, the box is small, and so is the wrapper. So its better for the environment.
A little TMI but I did notice the how the fluid lock grooves works to guide the fluid to the core of the tampon to prevent leaks.
These weren’t as bad as I thought. O.B tampons are comfortable, easy to use, & comfortable. I don’t know if I will switch completely to o.b tampons. If I see a good deal I might just pick these up instead , have them in my purse for emergencies ( since they are so small), or use them for my lighter days.

What do you use to stay protected during your period?

*I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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