*NEW* Kelloggs Origins cereal & granola , Ga-Ga for toasted grains

I recently received a yummy package with  NEW granola & cereal from Kelloggs Origins ancient grains blend line from Vocalpoint.

Kelloggs Origins is a new collection of deliciously wholesome cereal, granola, & museli. It offers exceptional taste from real ingredients like oats, barley, spelt, quinoa, & kamut brand khorasan wheat. There are no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, & no hydrogenated oils.

I first started with the raisin apple ancient grain granola. Its a mix of toasted oats, barley, wheat, spelt, rye, & fruit.

There is 5 grams of fiber & 32g of whole grain. Great for having a handful to snack on, on top of your cereal, sprinkled on ice cream, or in a bowl with milk.


I added some on top of vanilla yogurt for breakfast.

Kelloggs Origins Granola

Then for dessert sprinkled some on my cherry vanilla ice cream.

I liked the crunchy texture with the chewy apples & raisins. It wasn’t really sweet & made my yogurt a little more filling & added some fun to my ice cream. I have also been snacking on this alone which is much better than having chips or candy.

Other granola flavors:

Cranberry almond with pumpkin seeds

Muesli flavors:

Raisin apricot cranberry with pumpkin seeds

Apricot cashew raisin coconut with almonds

Kelloggs Origins touch of honey cereal

Yummy! This is just what my tastebuds want in the the morning. I enjoyed the crunch barley & brown rice flakes & the chewy & crunch texture of the quinoa, kamut bran khorasan wheat, & spelt. The subtle but known touch of honey blends it all together.  I had mine with vanilla almond milk .

3 grams of fiber & 22g of whole grain

Kelloggs Origins Cereal

I’m ready to start my day!

They also have this cereal in cranberry walnut.

  • I received these products complimentary from Vocalpoint. All opinions are my own

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