Indulge a little with Vanilla Bean Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding

Did you read my other review on Kozy Shack Indulgent recipe puddings?

My store only had two flavors the chocolate truffle & dark chocolate. Well since these are near the yogurts I always look to see if vanilla bean or salted caramel have appeared. Guess what? They did!

Kozy Shack Vanilla Bean

I picked up Vanilla Bean first. I don’t normally pick vanilla dessert because…they can be a little boring. I opened my cup , dug my spoon in, and took a bite. Yum!!

Kozy Shack Vanilla Bean Pudding

It was creamy, decadent, smooth, and just tasty!


Look a the specks of vanilla bean! So Far this flavor & dark chocolate are my favorites.

You could even throw a few berries on top and make it an easy but sophisticated dessert.

The last one to try is the Salted Caramel. When I was at the grocery store the other day I went to grab it but it was out. So people must be excited to see this on shelves. I’ll just keep checking back.

Have you tried these yet? Have you seen them on your grocery store shelves?

Head to their website to see where you can buy them near you.

I received this product complimentary from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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