Sexy Pop & Sexy Chips Review


SexyPop is about commitment to smart nutrition which begins with Non-GMO butterfly popcorn kernels sourced from independent and agriculturally conscious farmers. From there, they work with only the finest all natural ingredients to create unique flavors.
One of their goals is to not only to enable smart snacking but to promote self confidence ,self esteem, & create positive change.

SexyPop regularly donates & volunteers to a handful of charities like Breast Cancer Awareness, Women’s Health, Feed the Children, & more.

On another note … the founder of SexyPop, Robert Ehrlich, also founded Pirate’s Booty along with other well known snacks. So he knows what hes doing.

Wondering about the swirl on the bags?
Colorful, compelling swirls command your attention and represent magnetism, a confident attractiveness that you already possess. We call attention to everyone’s individual journey and their innate ability to create a healthy balance between who we are and how we relate to our world. Everyone has the swirl within them and it’s up to you to put it in dynamic motion.

Find SexyPop:

You can buy their yummy snacks on their website or use the store locator tool to find them nearby.

SexyPop Popcorn

Made from Non-GMO butterfly kernels
100% whole grain
Certified Gluten Free
Certified Kosher
ich in antioxidants
High in dietary fiber
40 calories or less per cup
Zero trans fats

Pineapple Habanero
Pineapple Habanero Sexy Pop

I was unsure about this one when I opened the box and saw it. I love pineapple but habanero? …if I try it will my mouth be on fire? My friend who loves spicy & hot foods saw them and asked if he could try it , so I decided I would try it too. To my surprise it wasn’t hot or spicy at all! It did have a little kick to it though which I liked. It was more sweet and as you eat it , you get a little spicy kick in the back of your throat. My friend was a little disappointed though expecting it to be hot & spicy. So if you like a little spice and sweet this combo would be great for you. The popcorn is light and airy , and you feel good about eating it.

This flavor reminds me home popped popcorn. It is perfectly salted, light, airy, & delicious.

Bangin Cheddar
Great tangy cheddar flavor, light, yummy. I kept grabbing more, definitely addictive.

Brazilan Coconut

Sexy Pop Brazilian Coconut popcorn

Brazilian coconut is a little bit of paradise in a bag. It was a perfect snack that satisfied my snack craving but didn’t weigh me down. The flavor was perfect, not to strong or subtle and it didn’t taste fake. I think this popcorn would be great to drizzle some chocolate over it or have with chocolate pieces for a yummy movie night snack/dessert.

Sexy Chips

Cholesterol Free
Certified Gluten Free
Certified Kosher
Zero trans fats
Earth Grown
High in Dietary Fiber

Incredible Oatbran
I’ve been craving kettle chips so I was happy they added their kettle chips to my box.
It has a nice crunchy texture and salted perfectly. With only a few ingredients to make them what’s not to love? ( potatoes, oatbran, sea salt, & sunflower oil) I felt good about eating them, during & after, and they satisfied my craving.

Nantucket Salted
Crunchy, a little salty, & totally delicious. Simple but satisfying.

Spinach & Matcha Tea

Spinach Matcha Tea Sexy CHips

I’ve been hearing a lot about matcha tea but don’t think I’ve seen it as an ingredient for a chip. I was intrigued because I’ve never had matcha and I thought spinach is an interesting ingredients too.
They had a slight green tint to the chips. Crunchy…and to my surprise they were sweet.
They were okay … these were my least favorite of the bunch.

Final thoughts:
These are great snacks you won’t have to feel guilty about eating. No need to set aside a cheat day. I liked that the ingredient list was small , made with real ingredients, & I could read each one and knew what they were. I like that SexyPop is innovative with flavors. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. I was surprised by the Pineapple Habanero, it was definitely one of my favorites. I hope to see it in more stores.

Have you seen Sexypop? Which flavor would you grab first?

* I received these products complimentary from SexyPop to review. All opinions are my own.


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