Trying new foods- yogurt, bread, microwave meals, & more

I love trying new foods. When I go grocery shopping I am always looking down the aisles to see what is new.

Old El Paso Taco Boats
Old El Paso Taco mini boats. I received these free from Pillsbury newsletter. I think they are a cute idea for me they were like a soft shell version of a hard shell. The only thing is these are small. I love mixing so much in my tacos so only have 2-3 spoonfuls of my mixture … I ended up have 6 mini boats lol. They do have a larger size, maybe those are a little better. Not really sure if I would buy these again though. I liked them but I would prefer a wrap or just using tortillas to scoop.

Prego Ready meals
I ended up getting this for free at Target. I’ve been seeing these mentioned so thought why not, plus it didn’t cost me anything to buy it. I chose the Marinara & Italian Sausage Rotini. The seasoning in this was off and between the calories, sat fat, sugar, & sodium I would definitely choose something healthier. I couldn’t even finish it. Its great hat its convenient but not worth it for your health.
Chicken of the Sea
Convenient & tasty. I received a free coupon from their facebook page. I mixed it in a wild rice & quinoa mix. I would say this is better if you mix it with something like rice, pasta, salad, vegetables, cous cous because it is really saucy.


Received a free coupon for this. There was a variety of flavors and thought chocolate cherry sounded interesting and good. When I opened it up & stirred they texture was sort of off putting. I took a bite and it was sweet, tasted more like cherries. The texture though was not for me. Won’t be getting this again.

This Alpine Bread is delicious! I love that you can read & pronounce everything in the ingredient list. Was great as toast or for a sandwich. Tasty, delicious, & fresh.


Yoplait Plenti yogurt Peach

Yoplait Plenti yogurt Strawberry

Not bad, liked the oats & seeds in them which made it for me. The yogurt itself was a little thinner than I like. They sort of remind me or Chobani oats but less oats, they were more scattered. Plenti yogurt has 1:1 protein to sugar ratio – 12 grams per serving. Its low & fat and has a few ingredients. I do wish the chunks were a little bigger but these weren’t bad. They are about $1.59. I will buy these once in awhile but when they are on sale.

Have you tried any of these ? What did you think?


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