Do you like free and/or a good deal on clothes?

I just scored 6 tops & a scarf for FREE! ( Bebe, Jessica Simpson, Gap, Bisou Bisou)

Sign up for a FREE Schoola account and for a limited time you will earn $20 when you sign up. There is a currently free shipping as well so hurry up.
You can get children’s clothing ( boys & girls) , junior girls clothes, & women’s clothing. As well as accessories & shoes.

You can also score another $10 when you search for something. So say you go look at dresses, select your size and on the left hand side you will see name you collection . Pick & enter a name for your collection & save. You will get $10 added

Now you will have $30

On top of that you get 50% off your first purchase!

******Use my link to get your $20 credit ******

This is what I scored nothing out of pocket.

I am not sure if this promo is still going but since I had a little credit left I bought this sweater. I used code THANKSALATTE and got 6% off and I’m also supposed to get a $6 Starbucks e gift card that is supposed to be mailed 11/2


If you do this offer let me know what goodies you get.

One thought on “Do you like free and/or a good deal on clothes?

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