New Kleenex Pocket Packs #ShareKleenexCare

Cold & flu season is here. & cold weather too. Have you stocked up on Kleenex yet?

Kleenex recently launched newly designed pocket packs in September which transforms sharing tissues into a personalized gesture.

According to a study by Kleenex, nearly 50% of people n the U.S. say they’ve missed an opportunity to show someone they care, especially when it comes to everyday moments. That’s why the brand is on a mission to prove that no matter how big or small the moment, the act of giving a Kleenex® Facial Tissue to someone who needs one.

The packs are bright & have message on them like:
Just wanted to say …. ( fill in) xoxo
Happy tears are the best tears
Hard times call for a soft touch
Take all of these & call me in the morning


These are perfect to give to anyone who is under the weather or someone who might need a tissue. It’s a small gesture that will let someone know you care.
Make a get well kit for a friend.
Put a pack in your child’s backpack
Put it in a loved ones lunch bag

Kleenex Pocket Pack

You can create & send a personal kleenex careboard on their website here > Kleenex

Kleenex is one of my favorite brands. The tissues are soft, absorbent, strong.
If I am sad they are perfect for wiping up tears , delicate on the skin but absorbent.
I hate having a runny nose, it is the worst! Whether you have allergies, are sick, or even from going from cold outside to warm inside its bound to happen. You already feel bad now you have gross mucus coming out of your nose that you can’t really control. No one wants to deal with a bright red sore nose. I can blow or wipe my nose without having to worry about the tissue breaking & the soft tissue against my skin feels comforting.

These packs are perfect for keeping in your purse, car, backpack, office drawer while you are on the go.
You never know when you or someone else might need a tissue.

Kleenex is a comfort you can depend on & with these personalized messages it’s just a small gesture to show you care. So share a pack with someone who is in need .

Share a Kleenex

*·I received this product from Crowdtap for being part of the Kleenex Brand Believers crowd for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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