Straighter hair thanks to Xtava flat iron

I love my hair…. it’s long, thick , & wavy. There is also a downside to that. It’s a pain to do much with it. I have soooo much hair. When I have straightened it in the past it’s like a work out. Either half way through I’m like, ‘forget this’ or when I’m done I don’t want to move because my arms are sore.

Recently I was sent Xtava black satin hair straightener to review.

You can grab one on Amazon for $39.99

I really like the packaging. It comes in a thinner box, then a sturdy box, and inside is a bag. Inside the bag was the flat iron and realized that the bag is heat insulated. So good for when you don’t have time to wait for it too cool completely. Also great for traveling.

Xtava flat iron

I started off my spraying some hair protectant spray throughout my hair and then sectioning it off.
I then plugged it in and turned it on. At first I was confused how to turn it on. The power button & temperature control buttons are on the inside. I had to go to a high setting because my hair is really thick and wavy. Within a minute or two , it was already at the temperature I set it at ( I did 410) which was displayed on a small LCD screen.
There are directions inside to let you know the recommended setting to put you hair. ( along with safety precautions, recommendations , & caring)

Xtava flat iron

I started with the first section and loved how it smoothly glided down my hair without having to go back over it. It has dual ceramic plate technology to that disperses the heat evenly across the hair. The power cord if 9 feet long & it also has a 360 swivel so it moves as you do. I was able to move quickly through sections. It left my hair straight, smooth, & shiny. In the photo below the left side is after brushing my hair & then after using the Xtava flat iron.

Xtava Hair Straightener

Its a sleek design, it felt comfortable in my hand and was light weight. I didn’t test it but I like that it has an automatic sleep mode after 60 minutes, just in case you get to work and question yourself, “Did I turn off my flat iron?”. The rubber heat-resistant handle also eliminates potential burn risk. The Xtava Silk Edition Hair Straightener can reach professional-level temperatures of up to 430F and utilizes highly efficient infrared heat to seal in moisture and provide the longest lasting sleekness. This cutting-edge heat technology prevents hair follicle damage, protects color, and delivers results 60% faster than the average flat iron.

I can’t wait to use this more. I was very happy with the performance.

I received this product for free in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own.

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