Sweet potato & Sausage bowl with Johnsonville fully cooked breakfast sausage #SausageFamily

Johnsonville has a new product to look for in the refrigerated section, fully cooked breakfast sausage.

There are 3 flavors to choose from:
Vermont Maple Syrup

Thanks to Johnsonville & Crowdtap I was able to pick up a pack to try for FREE.
Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage

I found them at Stop & Shop for $4.29.

There is a tool on the Johnsonville website and it said that there was only one flavor at the store neat by …but when I got there they had all three.

I ended up getting the Vermont Maple Syrup just because it reminds me of breakfast & it was the flavor that came up when I searched so sort of based my meal off the flavor.

First thing I noticed about the package is it is resealable which is great because if you only want one or two you can easily seal it up and put it back in the fridge.

Second thing after reading is how quick they can be cooked.

Johnsonville Directions

What you need:
Johnsonville Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage, Vermont Maple Syrup
Large sweet potato, cut into bite sized pieces
Bell Peppers, diced I chose red & yellow
Onion, diced
Chili powder
Salt & Pepper
Coconut Oil


Making Johnsonville Sausage Bowl

Boil a pot of water ( with salt). Once boiled add sweet potato pieces for 4-5 minutes.
You just want them a little tender.
Drain and set aside.

Add coconut oil to pan.
Add onion for 1-2 minutes, stir
Add bell peppers to pan, mix together
Add some salt & pepper
Cook until tender
Add garlic cook for 1 minute
Pour mixture onto a plate or in a bowl.

Put coconut oil in pan med – med/high heat
Add sweet potato into pan into 1 layer , don’t crowd the pan
Season with pepper & a little chili powder
Cook until a little browned & tender

Add onion & bell pepper mixture, gently mix together.

Grab another pan, add Johnsonville breakfast sausage for 8- 10 minutes until heated through , turning occasionally.
When done put on plate and cut into pieces.

In same pan add eggs, add salt & pepper. Scramble

Now assemble your bowl.
Add sweet potato hash, sausage, eggs & mix.
Grab a fork or spoon & dig in!

Johnsonville Sausage Bowl

The Vermont Maple Syrup sausage was delicious. It was so flavorful, moist, & hit the spot. The saltiness from the pork & the sweetness from the maple syrup was a great combo that went well with the vegetables.
I definitely want to try the Turkey sausage next. I already have a meal planned.
In 2 links there is 7 grams of protein, there are no fillers, & cook fast.

Have you tried or seen Johnsonville fully cooked breakfast sausage in your grocery store?
Which flavor do you want to try?

I’m a member of the Crowdtap Johnsonville rewards program, and Johnsonville sent me a sample of its Johnsonville Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage Links to review.

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