Erase imperfections with AmazingConcealer

I recently tried out Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer.
It retails for $28 for a .2 fl oz.
It may seem a little pricey but you only need to use a little but of product to get results.


A little about AmazingConcealer:
Water resistant
Long wearing
Full coverage
Goes on smoothly
Light weight
Highly pigmented, which is why you can use a little to get results ( less is more)
Blends in , leaving skin look natural & flawless
Doesn’t blend into pores or wrinkles
20 shades to choose from
Not tested on animals
Paraben free
Won Allure Magazine Editor’s Choice award

Helpful ingredients
Cucumber fruit extract : Helps with depuffing, softening, & soothing
Vitamin E : anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory

How to use – multipurpose

Helps erase: age spots, blotchiness, blemishes, redness, sun damage, broken capillaries , uneven skintone, dark circles , & more

Concealer :
erase dark circles, blemishes, & redness

Use on eyelids to help eye shadow stay in place
Use a thin coat on lips to help lip stick stay on & stay true to the shade

use a shade that matches your skintone and apply a thin line around the perimeter of your mouth & blend gently. This helps create a fuller look for your lips & helps prevent feathering of your lipstick.

Brows: Choose a shade 1-2 shades lighter than skine tone and apply underneath brow from the inner to outer corner and gently blend. It will help open the eyes & give you a “lift” of the brows.

Eyes- 1-2 shades lighter, apply to inner corner of eyes to help brighten ..blend
Nose- 1-2 shades lighter, apply down the bridge of nose, gently blend and blur edges
Cheekbones- 1-2 shades lighter, apply above cheekbones & blend

Cheekbones- Apply thin line of concealer, 2 shades darker than you skin tone in the hollows of cheeks ( make fish face if you aren’t sure, those are the hollows) gently blend & blur edges.

Nose: Apply a thin stripe on concealer 1-2 shades darker down each side of nose , gently blend & blur edges

Jawline: Apply thin line of concealer 2 shades darker along the jawline, gently blend & blur edges

Don’t you love when a pimple pops up? Sometimes it can just ruin your day. Its just there on your face like ” Hey, look at me!” Well this popped up a little after I got AmazingConcealer. It was perfect because I was able to see just how this would work.

AmazingConcealer Before & After

I had moisturizer on and then just put a small dot of concealer and blended it in. The redness was gone and my pimple was pretty much undetectable. I felt better when I looked in the mirror and confident to go on with the rest of the day without worrying about people looking at my new friend on my face.
As the day went on the concealer stayed on, no wearing off. I tried applying under my eye but the shade (Fair) was a little light for me , I think the golden fair a shade up might be better. It still did a great job at erasing my blemish/ redness. Since it is multi-purpose I will definitely be using this as a highlighter , primer, & to define lips & brows. As I mentioned above you only need a few dots depending how you use it. I like using a beauty sponge to blend it . A small tube will surely last you awhile. So if you’re in the market for a new concealer, there is a reason amazing is in the name.

Where can you buy it?
Amazing Cosmetics website, Sephora, Ulta

Find out more & Follow Amazing Cosmetics


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