Restful sleep with Dr. Xu’s Restful Sleep Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

Dr. Xu's Restful Sleep Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

What it does:
– Calms and quiets a restless mind and body
– Promotes a full night’s restful sleep
– Nourishes chi to bring harmony and balance into the body
– Promotes calm throughout the day
– Restores vitality to the spleen and heart organ systems

Dr. Yan Ping Xu is a certified practitioner of Oriental medicine and board certified herbalist, who developed this safe, non-addictive, Restful Sleep natural sleep supplement to help restore balance to your spleen’s—and whole body—chi (energy) so you can have a full night of restorative sleep and wake up refreshed, never drowsy. The spleen is where she says is the key to a healthy nights sleep.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s believed that when you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s your spleen’s chi that is off balance. When your spleen chi is out of balance, you can experience worry, fatigue, anxiety, and restlessness ; all of which can contribute to a poor night’s sleep.

The ancient herbal blend that the Chinese have been relying on for thousands of years to remedy sleep problems by rebalancing chi is called Yi-Fang. Restful Sleep’s formula uses the same exact Chinese herbs in Yi-Fang that have been used for over 2,000 years! And to make sure the herbs are pure and top quality, Dr. Xu personally selects each herb on her yearly trips to China, then makes sure each herb is processed, purified, and sterilized to remove any toxins—all done right here in the U.S.A. She also includes essential minerals like calcium , magnesium, and potassium.
Adding those help the body absorbs the herbs more efficiently into the body so they can get to work faster. Unlike traditional Chinese herbal remedies where you have to make a concoction or mix with tea she put these potent herbs & nutrients into a capsule form.

It doesn’t knock you out like other sleep remedies. Dr. Xu knows that most people can’t sleep because they can’t stop thinking, so she created Restful Sleep to work like an “off switch” to a hyperactive mind. If you’ve have not been sleeping well for years, it may take a short while to achieve great sleep so you use it consistently for best results.

Restful Sleep natural sleep supplement provides the exact herbs your body needs to bring the spleen, heart, and entire body into harmony so you can switch off your mind and turn on a great night’s sleep—without waking up drowsy!

Each bottle contains 60 capsules ( a 30 day supply)
You can find them on amazon Dr. Xu’s Restful Sleep Natural Sleep Aid Supplement
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Sleep Aid Dr xus

My experience:
When I got these I was excited because of them being made with herbs & essential minerals. I often have trouble getting to sleep because I’m thinking about a million things. I get up write things down, forgot I did something, look up things on my cell or laptop and then I’m up in the middle of the night. When I read that this helps calms your mind & act as an ‘off switch’ , I knew it would be perfect. Well guess what I’ve been having no trouble sleeping since I got these to review. What I can tell you though, is the days I did take them I really felt at ease. I felt more calm & relaxed which would helped me get comfortable and not think about whatever was going through my mind of what I need to do , should have done, yada yada.
They were easy to swallow and had no weird smell or aftertaste.
I woke up feeling good , not groggy at all.
I’m also wondering if these would be good to take when you feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed to help calm your mind down.
If you have trouble sleeping and not a fan of taking medicine ( like me) , this natural sleep aid is worth a try.

Do you have trouble getting to bed or have an overactive mind once your head hits the pillow?

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