Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Routine #TrulyRadiant #FreeSamp

Last year Smiley360 sent me Truly Radiant products to try & review. I enjoyed them. This time they sent me some new products from the line to try.

Truly Radiant

Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Toothpaste , whitening with a refreshing twist
truly radiant toothpaste
Clinically proven to whiten in just 5 days.
Cleans, strengthens and repairs tooth enamel.
Fresh mint flavor
Tartar Control
Fluoride Anticavity protection
For a $.50 coupon click here

My thoughts: I use whitening toothpastes so I couldn’t really tell a difference but I didn’t lose my bright smile. Months ago I switched toothpastes and I felt like it made my teeth a shade darker or not as bright as before. This toothpaste didn’t do that at all and kept my teeth bright. The taste was pleasant sort of reminded me of ice breakers mints. I would use this toothpaste again.

Truly Radiant whitening & strengthening fluoride rinse
truly radiant mouthwash

Helps stop stains before they start
Peroxide- free
Strengthens & restores enamel
Sparkling Mint flavor
Alcohol free
Click here for a $1 coupon

My thoughts:
Good taste, not strong. It leaves a nice peppermint taste in your mouth, sort of like a candy cane. I also like it doesn’t leave a stale minty taste in your mouth like other mouth washes do. It is great that it is peroxide free but still helps whiten your teeth. I also like that is prevents stains with its stain defense technology. I would definitely use this again.

Truly Radiant Extra White Manual Spinbrush


Manual toothbrush with spinbrush technology, no batteries needed
Bristles rotate as you brush to help remove stains
Has elongated bristles designed to clean hard-to-reach places
Whitening bristles & whitening cup designed to enhance stain removal
For a $1 coupon click here

My thoughts: I enjoyed the way this toothbrush felt holding , brushing, and after using it. Though the top of the brush was a tad big. The Spinbrush has good rubber grips on the handle and fits perfectly in my hand. The bristles are gentle on my gums and left my teeth feeling & looking clean. As far as the spinning I didn’t feel or see the top of it spinning. It did leave me teeth feeling very clean though.

If you are around Tuesday June 9th at 2pm EST / 1pm CT/ 11am PST and want a chance at winning a basket of Truly Radiant products go RVSP here

I received these products complimentary for review & testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


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