Full Spirited Flavours – Liqueur infused cakes review

Full Spirited Flavours reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review their liqueur infused cakes. Who am I do deny anyone wanting me to try delicious cakes?

Full Spirited Flavours

A little about Full Spirited Flavours :
Founded by three sisters Carole, Sue, & Kathy.
They use a family -created infusion system which makes the process unique.
Handmade in a bakery in Schwenksville, PA
They have been featured on Rachael Ray twice for “Snack of the Day”.
Featured on QVC holiday special.
Their cakes are being sold at 25 outlets from New Jersey to Virginia, & Missouri.
The flavor of the cakes is derived from the actual liqueur & is made in small batches infused with a special glaze.
Featured in restaurants including Limoncello Restaurant in West Chester & Chester Springs PA, Bocca Fired Grill in Margate NJ, & Mile High Steak & Seafood in Glen Mills PA.

The package came quickly, when I received it I was wondering what it could be since it had some weight to it. When I opened it up I saw their Bloomin Blossoms variety pack which includes one of 3.5 oz size individually wrapped of each of their flavors ( Amaretto, Mango Coconut Rum, Limoncello, & Chocolate Raspberry) and retails for $24.95 .

Mango Coconut Rum

mango coconut rum full spirited flavours

This one was my favorite. The cake was very moist & flavorful. The flavors just blended well together and was a perfect dessert after dinner. It tasted like I just bought it at the bakery. I could see myself enjoying this all summer. There was a very light coconut flavor that went well with the yellow cake & the delicious mango pieces made me happy with each bite.



This was my second favorite. The nutty flavor & chocolate pieces are perfect pair that my tastebuds enjoyed. It was moist & light, perfect for an afternoon treat. I wasn’t sure about this one at first but was surprised and enjoyed it. I even shared with my friend who liked this one as well.



I enjoyed the light lemon flavor, and the surprise bites of the white chocolate pieces that were on top that tied the flavors together. I could see this being paired with coffee & tea for a relaxing weekend get together with friends or family. There was little liqueur syrup in the package that I drizzled on top.

Chocolate Raspberry
chocolater aspberry

I was hoping this one would have a stronger chocolate taste since it had chunks and it is chocolate but it didn’t really hit the spot for me. Maybe because I was really craving chocolate when I decide to eat this one. Don’t get me wrong though it was still a very tasty cake. I could also taste the raspberry liqueur in this one more than the others.

Not only do they have the variety pack but also 10 oz. individuals ($14.95) & 2.5 lb full size cakes ($34.95) .

Being Italian , when we get together for to just hang out for the afternoon or dinner, there would always be coffee & dessert. If I brought one of these cakes it would be gone in a flash. You could have them as a snack, dessert, with coffee, tea, milk ( dairy or non) , even with a scoop of ice cream.
Full Spirited Flavours cakes would be perfect for celebrating special occasions, entertaining, hostess gifts, personal gifts, or just as a special treat for yourself.
All of the cakes tasted fresh, moist, & packed with flavor.

Find them online :




Which flavor would you like to try?


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