Silk Cashew Milk review #SilkCashew #GotItFree

I used to love dairy milk. I would have a big cold glass everday. I would have a mug in the freezer waiting to be filled up with milk for dinner. One day as I was pouring it , I thought why am I drinking this and found it gross. I stopped drinking it right away. Then non dairy milk started hitting shelves and I could enjoy eating cereal again and adding it to smoothies. Now I have to have dairy alternative milks because it regular dairy hurts my stomach.

I’m sure you’ve seen almondmilk, coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk on shelves but now Silk added something new to the mix, cashewmilk.

I love cashews so when I received an email to join this campaign to try & review it. I was in.
Personally I don’t care to drink it alone but its perfect for cooking, baking, cereal, & smoothies.

Benefits / About
It has fewer calories & more calcium than skim milk.
25 calories per serving ( for unsweetened)
0g saturated fat and cholesterol
50% more calcium than dairy milk
Free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG
Verified by the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program
No artificial colors or flavors
50% of our daily intake for vitamin B12
Has vitamin E, Iron, vitamin A, calcium, zinc
Has a nutty flavor to it

There are a few varieties to choose from : Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla, Chocolate

Right now my store has original, unsweetened & recently saw chocolate on my last trip. It figures when I went last time I went to get unsweetened because I was going to make dinner with it. Chocolate wouldn’t really go well with the dish but will try it soon. I also want to find the vanilla.

So what did I make with Silk CashewMilk ?
I had it in cereal, made some yummy smoothies, mixed my protein powder in it.
This would also be great with oatmeal.
Silk Cashewmilk

Berry Smoothie- Frozen berries ( strawberry, blackberries, raspberries) , chia seeds, banana, & cashewmilk

Strawberry banana Smoothie- Fresh strawberries, banana,chia seeds, cashewmilk

Peanut Butter Jelly Smoothie- Peanut Butter, oatmeal, honey, vanilla, fresh strawberries , & cashewmilk

Since I was making lots of smoothies with it or had it in my cereal, I wanted to make a meal.
I decided Mac n Cheese! Who doesn’t love Mac n Cheese ?

Cashewmilk Mac N Cheese

You can see the recipe here — > Scrumptious Mac N Cheese

Honestly I don’t know why we should eat boxed mac n cheese, when making your own is pretty easy. Sure its a little more effort but its worth it. Plus you can add some good stuff, like spinach & tomatoes. This mac n cheese is ooey, gooey yummyness.

I enjoyed being part of the Silk Cashewmilk campaign on BzzAgent. I don’t think I would buy the unsweetened just because I need more flavor & sweetness to it. I would buy it again when making mac n cheese or another dish that calls for unsweetened milk . I am going to look for the vanilla since that is what I like in my smoothies & cereal.

I received coupons to redeem for free Silk CashewMilk for testing & review purposes from BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.


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