Affordable way to resize your rings


I have a few rings mostly once I’ve received as gifts and maybe one or 2 I said Ill figure it out. I also have my great grandma’s wedding ring that I’ve been dying to wear but its so big. If I lost it I would be devastated.

Sure you can put wire, tape, rope but it gets dingy.

Well finally I decided I need to look on Amazon to see some options. Some of the rings are just fun costume jewelry anyway.

I was scrolling and saw some that were around $5 , it was a plastic tube. I read some reviews and they said it fell off and got dirty. I kept on scrolling until I saw Dipsize!

I read reviews , they seemed good and it seemed like this is exactly what I needed. I ordered it right away. When it came I got to dipping. I love it because it fits exactly how you need it.

Its liquid plastic, you just dip your ring in until it fits your finger. You wait 30 minutes between dips and should wait at least 6-8 hours until you start wearing it all day. It dries smooth with a frosted finish. You can easily peel it off , you might need a razor knife if it thicker. It doesn have a strong smell so use it in an open ventilated area.

I won’t wear these rings every day so this is perfect for my needs.

The little metal hanger was confusing and wasn’t really sure how to hang the ring on it. Some of the ring I was able to just place it upside down.

So if you have some rings that are too big you should check it out.

Just open the container slowly so it doesn’t spill & close tightly so it stays good.

So excited I found this 🙂


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