Breakfast for dinner

Awhile ago I was wandering the frozen aisle at the grocery store and stumbled across this Alexia sautee sweets mix of sweet potatoes, black beans,red pepper, corn, onion in a chipotle seasoning. I had it as a side for dinner but really loved having it with eggs in the morning. It was hard to find and then it vanished! I emailed them and they told me they discontinued that blend. Noooooo! So I came up with my own mix, and was craving it the other night.

What you need:
Sweet potato
Red pepper
Can of corn
Can of black beans
Taco Seasoning
Avocado ( optional)

this would also be great with chopped up grilled chicken
you can also sprinkle cheddar cheese

I cook the sweet potato separately then add it in after.
Then dice pepper, onion, garlic.
Add oil to pan and sautee until tender.
Add beans, corn ( half of the can , each)
Add taco seasoning, to your liking . Add a little water if needed.
Cut spinach add to mix, add sweet potatoes.

Make your eggs however you like them.

I like mine with avocado so I topped my sweet potato mix with some.

Its really filling and delicious.

Add grilled chicken and take out the eggs and have it as a dinner ( or breakfast)


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