Occhio Tweezer & lash curler review


I received this Occhio beauty set to review. I was in need in a pair of new tweezers so was pretty happy to get them to review.

This set is currently going for $14.77.

Perfect for teens or adults.

I really liked the colors of this set because I feel like they are different. Usually silver eye lash curlers , this one if black with a pinkish/lavender. Then the tweezers have a fun floral design against black.

Eyelash curler
light weight, springy , sturdy.
It was easy to use BUT it did not curl my lashes the way I like. It just gave them a little lift/curl. I prefer a more flirty curl.
It didn’t pinch my lashes or pull lashes which is a plus.
I once had a one of those travel size small eye lashes curlers get stuck. Imagine how much I was freaking out for those few moments. Thankfully it came off and my lashes were still there haha.

Tweezers are stainless steel. They have slanted tips and can grab hair easily.
I really like the floral design. My favorite thing is the case, perfect for travelling or to have in your purse.. Its easy to open & close. There is a little slit where you place the bottom of your tweezers so they stay in place. There is also a magnet to no need to worry about them falling out if you are travelling with them.
Another thing I liked is there is a mirror in the center, no worrying about it getting scratched up . Just in case you need to do a last minute touch up.


I received this set complimentary for review purposes. Opinions are my own.

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