Deconstructed chicken pot pie over egg noodles

I was trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner. First it was black bean burgers , then stir fry, then cannellini meatballs over zucchini pasta.
Then I remembered I still had Campbell’s soup for easy cooking creamy garlic & herb with chicken stock that I wanted to try. What can I make with that ? They have chicken pot pie on the package and that started to sound really good on a cold day like today.

I didn’t feel like a traditional pot pie with crust and wanted egg noodles. I also was feeling like mushrooms, this is what I came up with.

Egg Noodles
Chicken ( I prefer chicken tenders)
Frozen mixed vegetables
Campbell’s Soup for Easy Cooking Creamy garlic & herb with chicken stock
Salt & pepper
Chicken Stock ( you can use olive oil instead)


Boil water ( with salt) for pasta . I used about half of a bag. Cook until done , drain.

Put a little bit of chicken stock to cover bottom of pot. Season chicken with salt & pepper. Place chicken tenders in. Cook a few minutes each side.

Add mushrooms ( cut to the size you want) & stir.

Add frozen veggies.

I added more chicken stock ( using about a 1/4 cup) for the whole dish. I did this so the frozen veggies & mushrooms could cook a bit and season them before adding the garlic & herb soup. It also helps the chicken get nice and juicy.

I took out the chicken tenders and diced the chicken. You can do this before hand. I just prefer this way since its easier to cut and I don’t have to touch raw chicken.


Pour in Campbell’s soup for easy cooking. Stir

Add egg noodles.


Place in bowl and enjoy!

This was really good. Perfect for lunch or dinner on a cold day. I also like it because its only a few ingredients and is done quickly.


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