Discover what’s new with Campbell’s #DiscoverCampbells

Crowdtap sent me a box full of new and newish products from Campbell’s .
I was pretty excited because Campbell’s has such a variety of products so couldn’t wait to open the box. For most , I’m sure we have some kind of memory with Campbell’s. Mine was eating chicken noodle soup with a peanut butter sandwich (that we dipped in the broth) with my best friend in middle school. It was our favorite thing when we slept over each others house. Not sure why we had to have it but we did. Do you have a good memory with a Campbell’s product?

So what was in my box ?


•tote bag
•Skillet sauces Creamy Parmesan Chicken
•NEW Prego light home style Alfredo sauce
•Chunky Beer-n-cheese with beef & bacon soup
•NEW soups for easy cooking savory portobello mushroom
•Swanson cream starter traditional
•NEW Spaghettios micros original
•NEW creamy poblano & queso condensed soup
•NEW slow kettle roasted chicken noodle soup
• coupon for 1 free V8 vegetable juice cocktail ( sea salt and lime, spicy mango, or mint& lime)
•booklet of recipes/ coupons
•small cutting board
•wooden spoon

My friend Shawn was curious when I was opening the box and claimed the beer n cheese chunky soup. I was fine with that because I’m not a fan of beer.

He ate half of it in a bowl as soup then read on the back to put over a baked potato , so he did that with the other half.

Right when he opened the can I could smell the beer.. it was very strong . Reminded me of being at a frat party , the beer smell just filled the room. Even though I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a favorite of mine , I had to have a bite just to experience the new flavor .

To me it tasted like warm beer after taste. Yuck. Definitely not for me. Shawn thought it was ok but wouldn’t go out and buy it. To him , it tasted like bacon, potatoes, and beer. He said can I get drunk off of this? I feel like I have to burp.

We both think if the beer smell and taste wasn’t so dominant it could be better.

I think it would be good to target college aged guys or targeted for game day food (served over baked potatoes). Maybe if it was thicker and cheesy ?


Later on I wanted to try something too. I decided to try the Slow Kettle style roasted chicken noodle soup


I enjoyed the flavor of this soup ,it tasted homemade. It filled me up and satisfied my hunger . Sometimes with soup you buy they skimp with chicken , not this one. In almost every bite there was a piece. I love making soup but if I didn’t have time or wanted something quick I would choose this soup. Plus it would be easier to transport to work , don’t have to worry about spills.
2 thumbs up

Next I tried Campbell’s creamy parmesan chicken skillet sauce. I havne’t has these sauce before so was interested in seeing how it would taste.


It was so simple , easy , and quick to make.

I was also a fan that I needed a few ingredients to make it. This would also be great over pasta but I didn’t want pasta so chose to keep it simple with chicken & broccoli. The creamy sauce was very flavorful , nice consistency , and delicious. Would definitely have this again. It’s perfect when you need dinner fast.

Uh oh! SpaghettiOs micros

I haven’t had spaghettios in a long time. They tasted just as I remembered. I like the packaging , easy if you need to bring it somewhere since you don’t need a can opened and you can eat it out of the container. I personally wouldn’t buy this but I thinks it’s good for kids for lunch or after school to hold them off until dinner.
Campbell’s savory portobello mushroom soup

I tried the recipe that was on the box (and in my booklet) Speedy sausage rigatoni. I did change the pork sausage to chicken sausage since I don’t eat pork. They didn’t have the normal chicken sausage I normally get so ended up getting the precooked kind. I also went with bow tie instead of rigatoni pasta.
As you can see this recipe only requires a few ingredients and one pot. What’s not to love about that ?


It’s definitely a soup to cook with and not eat alone , for me anyway. It was a little bland but the sausage added more flavor to the soup . I think I will use this next time I make chicken pot pies .

Prego Light Alfredo sauce


I made this even healthier by using zucchini as noodles.
*I used my spiralizer, put them in a little water and let them cook, make sure they still have a little bite to them.
*Steamed broccoli.
*I cooked chicken in a little bit of chicken stock.
*Added the Prego alfredo sauce and added other ingredients.
*Put on plate
*Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top ( optional)

I normally don’t eat alfredo , so wasn’t sure what to think. When I do have alfredo, I make it from scratch. In the past alfredo sauces that Ive had from a jar had a weird taste but Prego was really good. I would definitely consider getting it again. It had a good flavor, light, no belly aches after.

Even though Campbell’s products are well priced & affordable, I found some good deals with the coupons I received with my box. All of this for under $5


Some products I bought myself during this sampling.

Prego 3 cheese sauce with veggie pasta and zucchini
Skillet sauces Chicken Marsala added mushrooms, chicken, broccoli and served over rice
Campbell’s homestyle italian style wedding soup
Campbell’s Chunky hearty Italian style wedding soup
Campbell’s Chunky classic chicken noodle soup


Love their chunky soups!

I have always been a fan of Campbell’s products. They have a variety to choose from , are affordable, and make meals easier.
I love their soups because they hit the spot and are fast. Good to bring to work or have for a quick lunch or dinner. They are flavorful and are good for all ages. My favorite soups are the kettle, homestlye, & chunky. They taste great , flavorful, & filling.
It was my first time having their skillet sauces and I love them. Such a good idea, they are quick and easy to prepare with little mess to clean up. Always good for a long day after work. You also don’t have to sacrifice flavor or go to something unhealthy. Hope they will come out with other flavor soon. They have different sauces too ; skillet, oven, & slow cooker.
I’m bummed I wasn’t able to try the V8 cocktail juices , I couldn’t find them in stores.
The Prego homestyle light alfredo sauce surprised me. I normally don’t buy jarred alfredo sauce. They usually hurt my stomach and don’t care for the flavor. Campbell’s did it right though,it was really good and tasted great. Maybe because it was light.
I gave away the the creamy poblano & queso. I don’t think I would have liked it but am on the look out for their condensed black bean, cumin & cilantro flavor to cook with since that’s more my taste.

Campbell’s products are great for on the budget, waistline, and help making meals at home easier. Highly recommend trying these products.

Have you tried any of their new products yet? Which ones? Have you tried any of the product I mentioned here? How did you like them ?

Check out their website to see what the wide range of products they have, recipes, tips, savings & more Campbell’s Kitchen


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