Italian dinner night with Johnsonville #MeatballMasters


Crowdtap sent me a bag of Johnsonville classic Italian style meatballs plus a coupon for another bag. I didn’t know Johnsonville made meatballs.I was curious to see how they tasted. I normally don’t eat frozen meatballs only eat the ones my mom or family makes. I sometimes make them but not that much.

There are 3 varieties :
Classic Italian Style
Three cheese Italian style
There are 28 meatballs in each bags

When the bag arrived I had some left over pasta from the night before in my fridge. So I sliced & sauteed some zucchini and heated up the meatballs and put everything together. I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top.


As you can see the meatballs are really good size. They didn’t break apart, were moist, not greasy, and were very flavorful. I was pretty impressed for them being frozen meatballs.


The next time I made a meal I spiralized zucchini for pasta, added sauce, meatballs, & sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

On the Johnsonville website they have recipes you can make with the meatballs for some dinner inspiration. Our you can come up with your own like I did for breakfast.

For breakfast ( no picture) was too hungry haha.
Sauteed peppers & mushrooms . Sliced up meatballs and cooked together.
Made scrambled eggs and mixed it together veggies and meatballs. Was really good.

Have you heard , tried, or seen these these Johnsonville meatballs?

Final thoughts:

I was really impressed with the quality, size, and taste of these meatballs. They were very flavorful. Still don’t add up to my mom’s but still good. I don’t think I would buy them again though just because I really don’t eat pork , but if Johnsonville ever makes them with turkey or chicken sausage I would be all over that. Though I think my roommate will be buying these because he loved them. Johnsonville meatballs are perfect when you don’t have time to cook meatballs from scratch or even if you are cooking for a bigger crowd and want to save some time. They are versatile whether you want them for breakfast, lunch , or dinner .

Check back later this week for another recipe I will be making with Johnsonville meatballs.

I’m a member of the Johnsonville VIPs and have received product from Johnsonville to review.


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