Breakfast treats



I really like that Chobani has even doing seasonal/ limited batches .
In the Summer I tried watermelon, so when I saw pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon I had to get them.
I usually get an apple pie Greek yogurt from another brand , I really liked how there were chunks of apple in Chobanis. Wish they would keep it year round .
It’s great alone but I could see it on top of pancakes or in smoothies.
You’re not doing Fall right of you don’t have pumpkin flavored food. I really liked this one. Perfect for a dessert without all the guilt .

A while back I received a sample of Puffins cereal from PinchMe which also included a $1 coupon. At Stop & Shop it was on sale and ended up getting it for $2 .
Love this cereal tastes like peanut butter brunch. I enjoy my cereal with vanilla almond milk and fruit .


What are your favorite breakfast foods?
I like cereal and yogurt because they are quick and easy in the mornings.

Or sometimes I like smoothies 🙂 like this banana blueberry smoothie



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