Ricola Revitalizing herb drops #SwissHerbs #Sponsored

Ricola is one of my go to products when I have a sore throat because they aren’t overly sweet and make my throat feel better without making me feel nauseous .
I was happy when Crowdtap picked me to try out a new product from Ricola, Lemon zest revitalizing herb drops.


I like that you don’t need to be sick to use these but you still can if you are.

It’s made with a mixture of vitamin B , Swiss alpine herbs, and ginseng .

2 drops provides 20% of the adult daily value of vitamin B6 & B12.

So if you’re feeling a little down from being sick or just lack of energy , pop a lemon zest revitalizing herb drop .They contain an effervescent , powder filled center with vitamin B to help give you an extra boost, naturally.

And remember sharing is caring so if you see someone who needs a little boost , pass them a Ricola Revitalizing drop


At first I was skeptical but I actually did get a little boost of energy and felt better. I will make sure to have these on hand all the time.

I enjoyed the lemon zest flavor, it was refreshing. While it is dissolving you feel a little fizzy feeling on your tongue. When you get to the middle a there is a burst of flavor that awakens you and gives you that energy to power through the day.

Have you tried these yet?
What are your go to items when feeling sick /need energy ?



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