Celebrate Fair Trade Month #FairTradeFaves

I was quite happy when I received an email from Klout that I had a perk, it’s been a while.

Fair trade is quality products , helps improve lives, and protects the planet.
When your purchase fair trade products the farmer receives a fair share for his or her work. Which allows farmers and families get better education and healthcare. It also helps their community and improves the quality of the products.

Visit BeFair to learn more.

So what Fair Trade goodies did I get in my box?
•Celestial Seasonings Green Tea
•PrAna tote bag
•Steaz blueberry pomegranate green tea
•BarkThins dark chocolate pumpkin seed with sea salt
•Larabar chocolate chip cherry torte
•Dang dark chocolate covered toasted coconut chips
•Near East quinoa blend zesty lemon

I’ve been a fan of SteaZ, NearEast , and Larabar.

What’s not to like about the Larabar . Tasty, satisfying, delicious , and made with real food. I like when I can read, pronounce , and know what each ingredient is when I read the back. This bar has dates, semi sweet chocolate chips , almonds , unsweetened cherries, cashews, & sea salt.

I usually buy peach Steaz green tea but pomegranate blueberry is my new favorite. Perfect blend of flavors.

Dang chocolate covered toasted coconut chips were really good . They were like mini chips covered in chocolate, a nice crunch with a coconut flavor that wasn’t overpowering. It’s a perfect blend.

BarkThins were also great ; loved the dark chocolate with subtle crunch from the pumpkin seeds then a hint of the salt which just completes the flavor combination . Both of these snacks will definitely will satisfy your chocolate craving without feeling guilty afterwards .I like that you can eat a few and be satisfied.


Can’t wait to try the Near East quinoa blend, since I usually buy the cous cous . Also can’t wait to use my new tote bag!
Have you tried any of the products I received ?
Do you have any favorite Fair Trade products, what are they ?

Remember next time you go shopping , look for the fair trade label. Everything from clothes,jewelry , food, wine, & more. Every purchase counts and helps.


23 thoughts on “Celebrate Fair Trade Month #FairTradeFaves

  1. I am a huge proponent of Fair Trade products! I have tried Larabars and Bark Thins – both great products. There is such a large selection of FT products, there is something for everyone.

  2. Haven’t gotten an email for this. I was able to try this though, a few years back. I loved each of them. I now look for the Fair Trade logos in the foods I buy. 🙂

  3. I have not tried any of their products, but I find this to be a good cause. We have a similar program here and it’s done by this store that sells only organic and local products.

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