Vichy Idealia Life Serum 8-Day challenge

Crowdtap always keeps me busy . I was sent Vichy Idealia Life Serum samples for an 8 day challenge for me and a few friends.


I wish I took more photos but this week was a bit stressful. Plus this week I have a few hormonal break outs ahh so last thing on my mind was to take photos.

We all know lifestyle choices and environment factors can do a number on our skin.

4 enemies for ideal skin::

Stress & lack off sleep side effects: over stressed skin marked by sagging & lack of firmness

Environment We come in contact with 700,000 toxins every day. Gross! When toxin exposure combines with harsh & erratic weather changes , skin becomes worn down, dull, sensitive , & prematurely aged .
Side Effects : dull yellow completion

Unbalanced Diet
alcohol, low water intake , eating that extra slice of cake may be harming our skin . Preventing toxin elimination by making oilness , pore size , lines and wrinkles more noticeable.
Side effects : imbalanced skin , large pores, oilness , shine

UV Rays
95% of all premature aging is caused by UV light . Just 15 minutes can trigger wrinkles, dark spots, and damage. ( wear sunscreen!!)

Side effects: uneven skin tone , dark spots , fine lines , loss of firmness .

Yes those side effects suck but it doesn’t mean you can’t go lay out at the beach or pool with a cosmopolitan in hand . We all have vices that keeps our skin from looking its best.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum claims you will see a transformation :
•Even & illuminated skin
•Visibly refined pores
•Moisturized & refreshed skin
•Youthful-looking complexion

Technology / ingredients that help :
Idealia Life Serum helps reset the skin with an exclusive correcting complex that protects against behavioral aging factors ; LR2412+ LHA erases signs of past damage , repairs present skin, and protects for future wear and tear. These 2 molecules increases skin renewal and improves overall skin quality.

Enriched with golden and pink micro pearls that helps illuminate the skin.


Here is what my 8 days were like::

You can wear it alone or under your moisturizer if you have dry skin. Morning and/or night

Day 1 : received my package . Put 1 whole pack of the sample on at night time before bed.

Day 2: used half of sample in morning , half at night . Skin felt a little itchy

Day 3: 1 sample pack half day/half night , skin itchy not annoying itchy more tickle itchy

Day 4: Skin feels really soft , feel moisturized ,looks brighter only used half sample at night . Skin not so itchy


Day 5: half sample at night . Skin no longer itchy have noticed when it gets on eye brows it’s flaky and maybe it spots where I didn’t run it in well enough. So make sure you rub it in evenly and don’t get it on brows.

Day 6: used half morning / half at night
Can’t get over how soft my face is. Also brighter and ‘younger’ looking

Day 7: half morning/ half night

Day 8: I can’t get over how smooth and hydrated/moisturized my face feels.

*the itchiness I experienced was most likely due to a skincare product I was using previously before it started used Vichy.


• Kept skin very hydrated
• Skin was soft
•Skin felt smooth
• Nice floral scent
• Absorbs in minutes
• Brightens skin
•Not greasy
•Light weight
• Good for sensitive skin
•looked great under make up
•foundation and concealer went on top of serum nicely

• Expensive $44 for a bottle
•Didn’t notice any change to pores
•I felt like I did need to wear make up on top of it because the illuminating effect from the micro pearls
• a few times left a ‘film’ on skin in spots
•not sure if it’s this product or others I am using with it but experienced slight itchiness and one night my skin was a little red

Final thoughts
I enjoyed the 8-day challenge to get brighter , smooth, hydrated skin. Before this challenge my skin was pretty healthy and looked good but realize after using this serum my skin is more hydrated, soft, and smoother. I think this product would work well for someone with fine lines since it hydrates the skin very well. When skin is hydrated it plumps up the skin giving you smoother skin. I also think it’s great if you want brighter younger looking skin. The golden and pink micro pearls really make your skin brighter , which makes you look younger . My friend even complimented me on my bright skin.
With brighter and hydrated skin (making you also look rested & younger) you can wear less make up. Maybe you can use that extra time to sleep in or eat something better in the morning 🙂

I do wish it refined pores , it was only 8 days. Maybe I would see better results if I use it longer. My daily make up routine is fairly simple concealer, blush, mascara , lip gloss or lip balm . Last is the price , I would consider buying it of there was a good deal on it since it’s pricy but right now I will hold off. I have too many beauty product to use up before I buy new ones. I would consider buying in the future though.

If I did buy this product I would probably only use it at night.

Have you heard or used Vichy Idealia Life Serum ? What’s your skin care secret for busy days ?

I received samples of this product from Crowdtap for testing and review . The opinions are based on my experience and are my own.



22 thoughts on “Vichy Idealia Life Serum 8-Day challenge

  1. Wow, then good for you! I never get anything from Crowdtap anymore. Anyway, it’s nice that you reviewed without bias. 🙂 Not all people would post cons. 😉 Great review!

  2. Sounds like a good product but I would need something that deals with pores too. You’re right though, I woulddn’t pay 44$ for face cream if all it was going to do was moisturize. Great review!

  3. Maybe in 2 weeks, you will see better results. 🙂
    I think it’s best to always load ourselves with vitamins and mineral essentials for a balanced and healthy system. I have just learned the importance of taking vitamin B, B6, B12 together with vitamin B.

  4. Hi!
    Vichy is one of my favorite dermato-cosmetics brands that I have been using for years now. I heard about the Idealia Life Serum, actualy I had a couple of samples that I have tried, I liked how the product was working on my skin, I would buy the whole product to form a thorough opinion though.

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