U by Kotex – Save the Undies

I was picked to be part of the #SavetheUndies sampling from Crowdtap.


In each pack there is $1 coupon, 2 sleek tampons, and 2 curves panty liners


Have you seen Save the Undies campaign from U by Kotex?

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a pair of undies due to your period.
Either having them ruined by the surprise start date or having bad period protection.
Have no fear U by Kotex is here!

U by Kotex has fun packaging , I really like the colors with black designs. Makes them more stylish.

I received these just in time , according to my period tracker I was expecting mine any day .
Do you use a period tracker app? I started using one earlier this year , I love it because it’s pretty accurate.

U by Kotex sleek tampons
These are easy to insert with the plastic applicator and PerfectTouch Grip for easy placement.
You can barely tell it’s there.
Great protection and absorbency.
ubykotex sleek tampons

U by Kotex Curves liners
Soft, comfortable , barely there.
I don’t know about you but sometimes I think my period is over but surprise!!! It’s not, so I like wearing these liners for spotting and/ or extra protection when wearing tampons.
ubykotex curve liners

Besides protection from leaks and stylish packaging, U by Kotex is easy to carry. Whether it’s in your back pocket or smallest clutch. I also like that these products aren’t scented. I stay away from scented feminine products because I don’t think it’s good to use. ( can cause yeast infections, irritation, rash)

So throw away those dedicated period undies and wear those cute ones instead… As long as you’re wearing U by Kotex .


Tips for surviving your period

• Buy U by Kotex tampons , pads , or panty liners

•Up your iron ( spinach , tofu, eggs, broccoli, beef) I don’t eat much beef, but can always go for a juicy burger during my period Also vitamin B6 (turkey, chicken, nuts, bananas) , vitamin C, vitamin A , vitamin D

• drink plenty of water

• Eat plenty of fruits and veggies

• Exercise ! I know it’s the last thing is ladies want to do but you will feel better afterwards. I like doing blogilates .

•Get plenty of sleep

So toss those ‘period undies’ dedicated for that time of month and wear the ones the make you feel sexy, confident, cute , flirty or happy!


You can get a sample too just head over to U by Kotex


I received the sample packs for free from Crowdtap to test and review



29 thoughts on “U by Kotex – Save the Undies

  1. Even when using the period tracker app, I can’t really track when my next period will come because of irregularities. 😦 It’s great to be always ready and convenient with a kotex pad.

  2. I use a period tracking app. There is nothing worse than ruining a pair of undies or pants because your tampon or pad failed you. I love the new Kotex packaging.

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