Pinch me box

Best pinchme box ever

Sinful colors nail polish aquamarine
Renew You Sleep Spa
Studio INK greeting card
beyond meat coupon
Weight watchers ice cream
Wet nap antibacterial hand wipes
Paper mate mates mechanical pencil
Barbara’s puffins cereal

•Barbara’s puffin cereal was delicious as a cereal or snack. Yummy !!


Love this aquamarine color. Definitely a fun color I needed to add to my nail polish collection . SinfulColors has a variety of colors, costs $1.99, goes on smooth , stays on pretty long.


RenewYou fruit enzymes sleep spa bamboo face mask.

I turned on some ocean wave sounds , and relaxed for 10 minutes.
It has pineapple and papaya extracts in the bamboo fiber mask. It smells amazing .
The papaya helps speed up elimination of old & dead skin cells, leaving skin looking revitalized and supple.
The pineapple helps break down dead, dry surface skin cells for smoother and softer skin.

It was a cold putting it on but was refreshing . After the 10 minutes is up , you don’t wash your face . Just massage excess product into the skin.
Use weekly . Sold at Ulta $9.99 for a 4pack


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