Skintimate mandarin burst shave gel review

Happy to be part of another sampling from Crowdtap.
This time they sent me a can Skintimate for free to test and review .

I love Skintimate , not only do they have awesome scents but it leaves your legs soft and silky smooth.

Mandarin Burst is one of their newer scents. It will definitely wake up your senses with the fresh scent of mandarin, lemon , & lime. It doesn’t have an overwhelming citrus scent, it’s light and refreshing .


Skintimate contains 6 moisturizers including vitamin E and olive butter to replenish your skins natural moisture.
Which will leave your skin smooth and soft.

The cap has ridges , so no stumbling trying to get the cap off when your hands are wet.

Once you start rubbing the gel it foams quickly and spreads nicely.
The gel provides unbeatable razor protection for a close shave without nicks . Leaving you with happy , soft , & smooth legs. I kept rubbing my legs together and touching them because they were so smooth.


So if you’re
• getting in those last beach days
• Going out on a date
• or just want to show off your (silky smooth) legs

I highly recommend Skintimate Mandarin Burst shave gel




Go grab some Skintimate and show of your legs!


Have you tried mandarin burst yet .. if you haven’t, what’s your favorite Skintimate scent?

I received this product for free from Crowdtap to test and review. The opinions are my own , based on my experience .


22 thoughts on “Skintimate mandarin burst shave gel review

    • Thank you. I was trying to think of a way to have it be fun & creative, so why not write it out on my legs. When taking the photos, my cat was curious and rubbed his face in my leg. He had shaving cream on half is face haha.

  1. Great review Carra! I’ve used Skintimate for years, since high school in fact, but recently began using coconut oil. After reading your review I may switch back just to give this scent a try.;-)

  2. It’s good to learn about a product that keep the moisture on the skin even after shaving. I don’t shave my legs because I don’t have hair on them but this one is just good to know.

  3. I love Skintimate! But I had no idea that they had a Mandarin Burst scent out. I just may have to pick some up & make it a point to shave my legs every day!

  4. Great review! I bet my daughter would love this, she’s a swimmer so she likes a close shave. I just stick to mens shave cream for me usually but might try this.

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