New Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter review

I was picked for another Smiley360 mission.

My kitties are pretty excited with their perks I’ve been getting lately. I wish Lexi was still here , she would have been good to test this litter out.



There are two kinds to choose from :

Multi cat

Fresh Home

This litter is specially formulated to give you a 7 day odor-free home.

So how does it do that?

7 featured that guarantee a 7 day odor-free home::

•Seals moisture activated micro granules form a tight seal around cat waste odor.

•Destroys Heavy duty eliminators plus Arm & Hammer baking soda destroy sealed in odors on contact.

•No Crumbly crumbs Plant derived particles help create rock solid clumps for easy scooping .

•Low dust Helps keep floors cleaner.

•Low Tracking Unique formula helps keep litter in the box instead on cats feet.

•Soft Touch

Made with fine micro particles , softer feel.

•7 day Guaranteed

Experience the confidence of a 7 day odor free home.

One of the things I like is that the main ingredients in the litter are derived from mineral and plant sources.

Also the box is recyclable (check with you recycling center)

So what did D-O-G , Gizmo , & myself think about this litter?

As you can see the litter is like sand.

It had a nice fresh scent , which made my bathroom ( where my litter box is) smell nice … Even after the cats used the litter box.

That surprised me, never had a litter make my bathroom smell nice. Lol

It was very easy to scoop up, it didn’t fall apart or get messy .

Also there was no dust as I poured it into the box or as the cats dug around. I hate pouring litter and you breath a bunch of dust because of a dust cloud from pouring.


I did a review for the litter genie recently and mentioned I changed from using litter to using shredded newspaper.

My lovely cat Gizmo has had issues with the litter box since I’ve had him as a kitten. Tried every litter and changed shapes and depths of litter boxes. Twelve years later I learned he prefers shredded newspaper. I think it’s because the litter hurts his paws or doesn’t like the way it feels.

So I filled one with the Arm & Hammer clump & seal and one with newspaper.

Well guess who went in the one with the litter? GIZMO! It must be because of the small sand like litter .

This litter is perfect for him too .. Well for me too because when he goes number 2 , wow does he stink! I think he is a bit embarrassed about it too.

So when he goes , it seals the odor in so I don’t have to smell it and he doesn’t have to be embarrassed about it.


D-O-G was so happy to have litter again. He likes to dig … And throw it all over the place lol. One of things I don’t miss about litter. I mean he flings it all over.

When I did get litter , I wouldn’t buy clumping litter . One of the reasons was it would get stuck in their paws tracking it all over and I didn’t like them trying to get it out and maybe ingesting some while getting it out between their paws .

This litter didn’t do that at all which is a plus for me.

As for the low tracking , it still ended up outside the box mainly from D-O-G when he digs. But when I was a sweeping Gizmo was in the box and as he stepped out, there was litter on his paws that he tracked out not that much though.


D-O-G, Gizmo , and myself recommend this litter.

When I found it at Target a 14lb box is $7.99

If you would like to try it out for your furry babies, or  get a $3 coupon here -> Clump & Seal

•Low/no dust

• Really does keep odor away

•scoops easily and doesn’t fall apart

• doesn’t get stuck in cats paws

·Keeps it odor free for 7 days



I received this product for free from Smiley360 for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.

30 thoughts on “New Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter review

  1. This sounds like the perfect litter since it seals the stink in. I’ll have to let my mom know about this for sure. 🙂

  2. I usually use a non-clump type of litter but what I love with these is that there is no dust. Plus the smell could be a bummer if there is no way to circulate the air! Thanks for giving us the heads up about this product.

  3. I don’t own any cats, but I do know friends with them. I will pass this along to the folks who just started fostering kittens.

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