How I earned $60 in Target gift cards for FREE

Yes that’s  right, FREE $60. Sure I had to put a little effort into getting them but it was fairly easy.

I received $50 from Skinny Cow Club Skinny . They are sold out of gift cards now but sign up now so you don’t miss out again. You get 500 points for signing up, then get points for watching their commercial, tweeting, liking their social media pages, uploading photos on instagram with their hash tag. Simple,  right?

skinny cow target gc

Next I cashed out for 2 – $5 Target gift cards from Recyclebank. This site is great they no longer have the Target gift cards but have others like Jc Penny, Lowe’s, AMC and others. You can cash out for coupons, donate, etc   I like this site because you get points for recycling (if your area participates in the program) but you can learn about recycling on their site and earn points that way too.

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