Farewell Lexi

July 6th was a very sad day.
One of my furry babies took her last breath around 11am



Let’s go back to September 2002.
I was 17 , already had D-O-G and Gizmo.
I worked at a tourist shop on the beach in Ft Myers FL. One of my co workers brought in her new pet , a striped orange kitten. I really wanted an orange striped kitten, asked her where she got him. I called but the lady gave them all away.
Shawn said why don’t we look in the paper and see if we can find an orange striped kitten. We found someone in Cape Coral . I remember on the way saying we don’t need to get another cat but Shawn insisted.
We pull up and go into the house.
They handed me one small kitten , she laid on her back and fit in the palm of my hand and let me rub her belly. She was so calm and laid back as she stayed for 12 years. They tried to gather the other kittens but I said she is the one.

We took her home .
I’m sure D-O-G hissed and growled at her but Gizmo wanted to be friends .

When we got her we were fixing up our condo (painting and tiling ). There was a small fold up ladder against the wall that I kept asking Shawn to take away. One day around 5pm were were watching tv . All of a sudden there was a slam. We both jumped up and it was Lexi. She was exploring , tried jumping on the ladder and it fell on her. All I saw was blood. Gizmo and D-O-G also ran to her and started smelling her. We took her to the emergency vet , where Shawn ended up yelling at them because they didn’t accept debit cards or checks.
She stayed over night and we picked her up in the morning . She had a slight concussion and bloody nose.
This is the moment she became spoiled and babyfied.

I would put her in her cat bed wrapped up and then place that on my bed next to me.
That’s probably why she loved to go under the covers.



She was best to cuddle with in the winter , we kept each other warm and cozy. Sometimes she would try to lay all the way on my stomach but she was too heavy. She once topped around 18lbs!



I would call her my little fatty , Lexi poops , poopy ( last 2 because she would grunt sometimes using the bathroom lol) and my little tiger cub.

Her favorite things to do was eat (obviously) , sleep, lay in the sun, and keep the boys in check.

Her favorite spots was by the window , on my bed or Shawn’s bed , and under the heater .




Her best friend was definitely Gizmo.
When we first got her so many times we would hear a sucking sound . One time we followed the sound and Lexi was trying to nurse off of Gizmo and he didn’t care. Haha
Anytime she made a sound he would run to her and make sure else was ok.
She would sometimes lay on top of him … Like really on top and he didn’t mind at all. I would find them cuddling all the time .


D-O-G and Lexi had a love hate relationship . He would sometimes take his anger out on her by jumping on her and fighting but made sure he did it in front of me. He can be such a bully!


I would call her my little tiger cub because she her growl was so loud , it was like how is that big growl coming out of this small cat? She growled a lot at D-O-G


But at the end of the day they loved each other .


They were all great friends.


My favorite thing was seeing them all chase each other through thee the house . It would be D-O-G , Gizmo then Lexi waddling in the back.

Another thing I loved was when Lexi would get all sassy and try to play fight with D-O-G.

She was great when traveling in the cat. She laid on my lap the whole way from Florida to Connecticut, Occasionally sit up and look out the window . The boys would be freaking out.



She loved sitting or laying in the grass when we would bring them outside (supervised) especially when the sun was shining bright.


Here is a funny photo Shawn took.
It was February ,the sun didn’t make an appearance in awhile. When it did we all took a spot, myself included. Shawn just thought I was sleeping but I was just soaking up the sun and warmth!


When she started getting sick I was really worried but then she started to get better only to get worse.
I remember googling her symptoms which made it worse .

I didn’t know it but when I had Shawn call the vet they told him it sounded like liver failure and they would put her to sleep. She died the day she was going to the vet.

She was getting weak doing anything. Walking to get food , water or bathroom she would plop down like she walked so far.
She still jumped on the bed though which was hard for her to do healthy , do I had hope she was doing ok.
Day by day she got weaker, one night I put her on me because I was really scared of how sick she was getting . It was her favorite spot right by my side , halfway on my stomach . She looked happy. I woke up all wet , she peed . That isn’t like her at all. She peed herself a few more times during her last week. I ended up putting her on a garbage bag with a soft towel on top.
The whole week I stayed up or woke up often to make sure she was ok.
When she stopped eating like she normally does it made me sad. While feeding her shredded chicken ” Lexi please eat you love chicken and love to eat!”
The night before she died I didn’t remember he eating or drinking . I was freaking out. I went to Walmart to see if they had cat milk . Nothing . So I got a few of her favorite wet foods. She wouldn’t even eat it . Lexi looked at the food like it was garbage .I tried to think of a way to get her to eat. I needed a syringe. Shawn went to get one. We mixed the wet food and some water. I had to force feed her. I didn’t like that part at all. She was having problems swallowing or not wanting to swallow it but still did. She didn’t even lick her lips.

Saturday she seemed weak. She stopped walking. It was heartbreaking to see her try to walk and her back legs give out.
Then she couldn’t even stand . She would lift her head try to stand to walk and just throw her head down in defeat. It was like she was trapped in her body.

I think D-O-G knew . He stayed by her and slept next to her.
At one point Gizmo joined.




Sunday morning she was really trying to move. In the mornings she would head to the window to lay in the sun. So I brought her over there. It was 8am . I didn’t have much sleep so headed to bed for a nap. I fell asleep looking at her making sure she was ok.
All of a sudden I hear a noise , not even awake and aware I leap out of bed towards Lexi. I see Shawn , he was starting to cry.
He said he was just petting her she let out a meow and a deep breath… her last breath. I started to cry. I took her from his arms .. Lexi ! Lexi! Please wake up . I was rubbing the side of her body hoping it would stimulate her and come back to life.
D-O-G and Gizmo also came over and smelled her.
Shawn went to find a box. I wished she would start moving.
I just cried and cried. I went through a half of a huge box of tissues .
The first few days were bad. Just had a big empty feeling . Crying on and off.
I will miss her cuddles . She was the one I would cuddle with when I was stressed or sad . So not having her in a situation where I would go to her for comfort, was hard.


I’m not crying as much but I still am.
Little things like filling the water makes me sad. When the bowl was empty she would let me know by meowing repeatedly , waddling behind me to make sure I am filling it.

Looking in her spots and she’s not there.

Remember funny things she did.

Both of the boys seem sad too.
Here is Gizmo and me


Gizmo and D-O-G have been laying together and in close range of me.
For the first few days they seemed sad.
Gizmo would check her spot behind the curtain by the window and her chair and seemed confused why she isn’t there.

It’s just so weird not having her. Almost like she’s just gone for a bit and will be back. I’m just glad she was in my life for 12 years . She is really missed . She was a great cat/ furry baby .


Zucchini pasta with cannellini ‘meatballs’

I wasn’t sure what I wanted for dinner so I went to Pinterest .

I was thinking of making zucchini boats , maybe a turkey burger, Sothwest bowl. Nothing caught my attention. I was thinking of making zucchini pasta and turkey meatballs but decided I wanted to have a meatless meal.
I put in vegetarian and right as I was about to say forget it I came across
Cannellini bean vegetarian mealballs


What you need::
2 zucchini for the pasta (I’m getting good use out of the spiralizer )

•1 1/2 cans of cannellini beans 15oz each
•1 red bell pepper (roasted)
•1/2 med yellow onion , diced small or grated
•2 cloves of garlic , minced
•1/4 c chopped italian parsley
•1 1/2 tsp dried oregano ( I used italian seasoning)
•1 egg
•1/2 c dried bread crumbs (I used Panko)
•Salt and pepper
• tomato sauce (I used Newmans Own tomato & basil)

First I roasted the red pepper
The red pepper gives the ‘meatballs’ a great flavor


1: Preheat oven to 350, coat baking sheet with cooking spray / olive oil

2: Add beans, roasted red pepper , and onion to food processor or blender. Pulse until chopped and not smoothly puréed .

3: transfer to bowl and mix in garlic, bread crumbs, oregano, egg, parsley, salt & pepper until combined.

4: Form small meatballs and place on baking sheet evenly spaced.

5: Bake until firm to touch and are golden brown. About 20 minutes

6: While that is cooking use spiralizer to make zucchini pasta. Add to boiling water for about 5 minutes . You want a little bite to it .

7: In saucepan add tomato sauce until simmering. When ‘meatballs’ are done add to sauce and stir to coat them.

8: serve over your zucchini pasta . Feel free to sprinkle with Parmesan cheese



50% off clothes at Twice..possible free clothing

A few months ago I posted about this dress that I got for FREE from Twice



Here’s how to get free or a great deal on a clothing item.

Get a $10 credit signing up here

I got a $10 credit  by downloading their app on my iPhone here

Click here for 50% off code

With some credit I had in my account left over , I ended up buying this byCORPUS by Urban Outfitter dress for $2.04!! Hurry before the good stuff is gone and the deal is over 🙂

Bonus : You can use paypal to pay for your items.



I just got a full sized product from Crowdtap and a pack of the same ones in my gift bag from the fashion show funny I received another pack.
Love the flushable wipes to put in my purse for hot summer days and freshen up.

Cottonelle flushable cleansing wipes
Coupon for $1 off toilet paper and wipes

PG everyday sent me
Olay sensitive body wash (love Olay body wash )
Herbal Essences body burst body wash (smells great)


Made in New York fashion presentation sponsored by Cottonelle

Last month I was invited to a Summer Lounge event by Crowdtap/Cottonelle but there was some scheduling confusion and didn’t end up going.

So when this invite came up on Crowdtap , I was pretty excited and applied immediately.


The fashion show was hosted by Young & Able. They are a retail platform for emerging designers and brands. They are primarily an online retail site but do events like Made in New York so the designers can showcase their work.

I headed to The Carlton Hotel where the fashion presentation was being held .



When I walked down the stairs I took off my sunglasses and my eyes were still adjusting when I looked over I recognized someone and they looked at me too. It was an old pal Paola ,that I worked with years back when I was a model (she is a make up artist) . She asked if I was walking in the fashion show but told her this time I’m watching. She was there with her fiancĂ© Jason (fashion photographer) who I worked with too.
They were taking portraits for the Share More LOVE project.

It was so nice to see them , it’s been a long time . Plus it was nice to talk to people I knew since I went to the event solo.

After chatting with them for a bit I headed to the bathroom to freshen up since it was muggy and hot outside .
I had no problem finding it .


The bathroom was stocked with cottonelle toilet paper and flushable wipes. I brought some in my purse in case I got all sweaty before the event because I knew it would be muggy.


On the bathroom mirrors there were stickers so of course I had to take a few photos .




After I was done doing my business, freshening up , & taking photos on the bathroom the refreshments & snacks were ready so I headed over that way.

Fruit , cheese , crackers , popcorn, iced herbal tea, chocolate, water, sparkling wine , sparkling water.

Here is a variety of Belvoir fruit farms organic drinks and Volvoc water.
I grabbed an organic elderflower lemonade. Delicious and refreshing!




La Marca Prosecco Wine


Also grabbed a chocolate bar for later .


I’m not that much of a tea drinker but the infusion iced herbal tea ( tried the peach, vervain, lemon) was good. I’m actually drinking it now while writing this blog post ( much better cold).They just put it in the ice so it was warm that’s when I decided to put it in my bag and grab the sparkling wine.



Now the fashion show

There were 4 designers Kung Katherine , Kai New York, Luba Gnasevych, and Mimi New York.


My favorites were Kung Katherine (beginning of video) and Mimi New York (end of video). I could see myself wearing Kung Katherine and if I ever had a fancy party to go to I would love to wear Mimi New York couture dresses.

How cool is the back of Mimi New York business card ?


After the fashion show Morgan James sang .. Amazing voice!

Things were dwindling down so I grabbed my gift bag and headed home.

I’m sure you want to know the goodies that were in my bag right?

•MD Complete by Brian Zelickson skin clearing healthy skin accelerator .
•Pocket acne aid bullet
•Zoya rocha nail polish
•Morgan James Hunter CD
•Carlton Hotel hand sanitizer spray
•Cottonelle flushable wipes
•Justin’s organic peanut butter cups
•2 months free to nextissue
•bigsexyhair powder play


Tried the Zoya nail polish today, nice summer color.


I’m happy I was able to attend , I enjoyed myself. Hope Crowdtap has more events like this that I can attend. Especially when I’m living in the city.

Love these windows at Grand Central . Took this while waiting for my train.


·I was not financially compensated for this post.