Eggplant ‘meat’balls

This was delicious !! I love eggplant
Another winner.

I tried these 2 ways to see which worked better.
Baking : I liked the texture better especially when pairing it with pasta. The outside gets firmer .
‘Frying’ I coated the pan with some olive oil and just turned them .While these got a nice golden brown color they were softer.

what you need
Parmesan cheese
Italian parsley
Salt & pepper
Breadcrumbs (I used Panko)
Olive oil
Tomato sauce
Zucchini if doing zucchini pasta or reg pasta

Here is where I based the recipe off of.

Here are the ‘meatballs’ as I put them on and when they were done.


And on top of zucchini pasta


I love these vegetarian meals because they fill me up , feel satisfied , and don’t make me feel heavy afterwards.

These would be good to make mini patties and dip in tomato sauce too.


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