Made in New York fashion presentation sponsored by Cottonelle

Last month I was invited to a Summer Lounge event by Crowdtap/Cottonelle but there was some scheduling confusion and didn’t end up going.

So when this invite came up on Crowdtap , I was pretty excited and applied immediately.


The fashion show was hosted by Young & Able. They are a retail platform for emerging designers and brands. They are primarily an online retail site but do events like Made in New York so the designers can showcase their work.

I headed to The Carlton Hotel where the fashion presentation was being held .



When I walked down the stairs I took off my sunglasses and my eyes were still adjusting when I looked over I recognized someone and they looked at me too. It was an old pal Paola ,that I worked with years back when I was a model (she is a make up artist) . She asked if I was walking in the fashion show but told her this time I’m watching. She was there with her fiancé Jason (fashion photographer) who I worked with too.
They were taking portraits for the Share More LOVE project.

It was so nice to see them , it’s been a long time . Plus it was nice to talk to people I knew since I went to the event solo.

After chatting with them for a bit I headed to the bathroom to freshen up since it was muggy and hot outside .
I had no problem finding it .


The bathroom was stocked with cottonelle toilet paper and flushable wipes. I brought some in my purse in case I got all sweaty before the event because I knew it would be muggy.


On the bathroom mirrors there were stickers so of course I had to take a few photos .




After I was done doing my business, freshening up , & taking photos on the bathroom the refreshments & snacks were ready so I headed over that way.

Fruit , cheese , crackers , popcorn, iced herbal tea, chocolate, water, sparkling wine , sparkling water.

Here is a variety of Belvoir fruit farms organic drinks and Volvoc water.
I grabbed an organic elderflower lemonade. Delicious and refreshing!




La Marca Prosecco Wine


Also grabbed a chocolate bar for later .


I’m not that much of a tea drinker but the infusion iced herbal tea ( tried the peach, vervain, lemon) was good. I’m actually drinking it now while writing this blog post ( much better cold).They just put it in the ice so it was warm that’s when I decided to put it in my bag and grab the sparkling wine.



Now the fashion show

There were 4 designers Kung Katherine , Kai New York, Luba Gnasevych, and Mimi New York.


My favorites were Kung Katherine (beginning of video) and Mimi New York (end of video). I could see myself wearing Kung Katherine and if I ever had a fancy party to go to I would love to wear Mimi New York couture dresses.

How cool is the back of Mimi New York business card ?


After the fashion show Morgan James sang .. Amazing voice!

Things were dwindling down so I grabbed my gift bag and headed home.

I’m sure you want to know the goodies that were in my bag right?

•MD Complete by Brian Zelickson skin clearing healthy skin accelerator .
•Pocket acne aid bullet
•Zoya rocha nail polish
•Morgan James Hunter CD
•Carlton Hotel hand sanitizer spray
•Cottonelle flushable wipes
•Justin’s organic peanut butter cups
•2 months free to nextissue
•bigsexyhair powder play


Tried the Zoya nail polish today, nice summer color.


I’m happy I was able to attend , I enjoyed myself. Hope Crowdtap has more events like this that I can attend. Especially when I’m living in the city.

Love these windows at Grand Central . Took this while waiting for my train.


·I was not financially compensated for this post.


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