Kleenex Brand Believers – Crowdtap Sampling

I told you Crowdtap was keeping me busy!
They sent me a huge box of Kleenex tissues (210 – 2 ply tissues)
I was hoping for an Izaac Mizrahi box because I’m a fan of him and his designs ( his Kleenex box designs are great)


Kleenex and Crowdtap wanted to see all the ways to use these tissues.

Here is what I used mine for.
Runny nose or sneeze ?
Kleenex has you covered.
These tissues are really soft , absorbent , and thick.


I tried out a new mascara . I was caught outside in the rain , must have wiped my eye. When I glanced in the mirror I realized my mascara smudged.
Kleenex was strong and soft enough to get the mascara off the delicate skin under my eyes.


Not only are they good for blowing noses and cleaning make up off your face but for crafting!

Tissue flower #1


What you need : tissue, scissors, marker, white thread , and a needle

•Draw 5 humps with marker
•Cut it out
•Thread needle
•Start seeing like shown
•Sew through other side , tie off
Tada you have a flower
I then colored in some yellow in the middle

Flower #2


I made these before with regular tissue paper at my old job for a window display.

What you need: 3 tissues for each flower, markers , tape, scissors

•Stack tissues on top of each other
•Fold accordion style
• In the middle wrap a thin strip of tape (I cut scotch tape in half), bobby pin, or thin wire around the tissue paper but don’t let it bunch up
•Cut ends into a triangle or curve. I like the way the triangle looks
•Color the ends /edges
•From the top pull towards the center
•You can leave it like that or with the 2 ply , separate for a fuller flower .
(You can also make Pom Poms just pull even number in both directions)

I ended up taking fake flowers, taking them off and attaching with tape the tissue flowers to the stems.


I put them in a vase next to my tissue box on the night stand near the bed.


Other uses :
Cleaning eye gunk from the corner or your cats eyes


•Cleaning make up brushes.
• blotting your lipstick and strong enough to take it off without tissue sticking to your lips.


• no napkins nearby or ran out ? Kleenex has you covered !
•cleaning up small messes
• uh oh! No toilet paper . We’ve all been there . Kleenex is there to save the day
• Unfortunately during this sampling ,I had to use these tissues for a very sad use…tears . My cat Lexi died . She was sick and got worse day by day. Sunday morning she took her last breath. I went through half box .

Ok happy thoughts again.
So you’re done using the tissues and have an empty box. Now what? Craft time!!

Take the top off and add some wrapping paper .
Now you have a cute box for whatever you need.

What you need:
Wrapping paper, scissors, tape, tissue box , utility knife

First cut the top off with a utility knife , easier than scissors and cleaner edges


Next roll out the wrapping paper, make sure you have at least 2-3 inches on each side. Place the box in the middle trace it. Without moving it flip over on side make sure the line and box add up. Trade that and so on so it looks like this


•Cut it out
•Starting with the longer side (if your box is rectangle)
Place tape on both sides , attach to box follow for other 3 sides
•put tape on edge and place inside box

Sorry thought I took photo of these steps but guess I forgot .

Now you get a box that looks like this


Here are a few things you can add to you box
nail polish , cell phone covers / wallets/ wristlets, but I ended up using it for hair products and make up brushes.




box craft #2 ring holder
I found this one on Pinterest here
This is good for a normal sized box.

Need: Tissue box, 5 or 6 toilet paper rolls, fabric, jute (twine /rope) or you could use wrapping paper, hot glue .
The fabric was only $.97 at Walmart the jute / twine was $1.97.



I tried super glue for the twine but hot glue will work much better.

I came across these crafts too:
Flower Vase
Flower vase

For the kids:
Dinosaur feet
Dinosaur feet

monster tissue box

Have you use tissues or tissue boxes for crafts? What did you make or has I inspired you to try one of these ?

·I received this product from Crowdtap for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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