Litter Genie Review

Crowdtap sent me a Litter Genie disposal system to test out and give back my feedback.

A little about the Litter Genie
Retail price : $14.99
Refill : about $6.99
Where to buy: amazon, petco, petsmart, Target

On their website you can get a $2 or $5 coupon

When the box arrived D-O-G, Gizmo, & Lexi definitely wanted to know what it was.


One of the challenges we were asked to do was to decorate the Litter Genie.
Here is what I did to mine :



And the kitties with the decorated Litter Genie


Next is assembling the Litter Genie.
It was somewhat easy but the directions they do give ,they need to be clearer.




•Insert the scooper holder in the groves on the side , you will need to open it to do this .

•pull the plastic tab and remove
•Pull about a foot of the plastic and tie a knot

Inserting the plastic “bags” is where I was confused and wasn’t as clear. It shows something lifting but didn’t really see anything I should lift .
I kept placing it on top and was like this can’t be right it doesn’t close.

This is where it lifts (I didn’t think to open this part because it looked like this is where is latched to shut the lid)

The insert and the website were not helpful. I had to go to youtube and search for a review to see how to insert it.


Things I like about the Litter Genie
• It’s small
•Keeps odors down
•Holder for the scooper
• Bags/plastic always there

What I don’t like
• it is small but it’s just another thing in the bathroom I feel I don’t need.
•Tying off the bag
•opening small
• refills are expensive
• Having to stabilize the genie when you pull the handle
•I noticed once the bags were in the lid no longer latched correctly

For most of this year I actually stopped using litter and started to use shredded newspaper.

Why? You might ask. Ever since I got Gizmo, I’ve had issues with his bathroom habits.

When I got him I had this dome litter box . He would use it once and then go right next to the box. I thought it was the top made him claustrophobic, so took it off …same issue. Changed shapes and sizes of litter boxes , tried many different types of litter, got more litter boxes and nothing worked . One day I thought I should try shredded paper . I haven’t had a problem since. I guess he didn’t like how the litter felt on his paws. I rather change news paper than clean pee/poop off the floor all the time. My friend Shawn and myself couldn’t believe it.
If he did use litter and I only had him he would be a prime candidate because he is stinky!

Lexi : I swear she holds in her pee then dirties the whole box. So this wouldn’t be great for her . I have to change it after she uses the box anyway .

D-O-G : if I only had him this product would be good to have next to the litter box to use. He was happy that we tested it because I think he misses digging in litter , the newspaper isn’t the same for digging.

Final thoughts
I think it’s a good product if you have one cat, live in a huge building (or on a higher floor), or even if someone was older . Having 3 (actually 4 because I’m sort of fostering one) it’s not worth it for me . Its way too small for their bathroom habits. Plus I don’t want another item in the bathroom , it’s small enough. Plus with using the shredded newspaper right now, I dont have need for a product like this at this time.
On the refills it says for one cat they should last 2 months. These would last a week the way my cats use the bathroom.

Tip:: for refills the review I watched to see how to set out up said she uses garbage bags to cut down costs.

I give it 2.5/5 stars

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