Listerine 21 day challenge

I was chosen by crowdtap to sample and feel the power of Listerine and participate in the Listerine 21 day challenge.

Why 21 days ? It takes up to 3 weeks to form a healthy habit.

I received 2 full size bottles of cool mint antiseptic mouth wash ,one for me and a friend .


Did you know brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth? Gross!
When you include a mouthwash in your routine like Listerine , the liquid can reach every corner and crevice. Leaving your mouth super clean. Yay!

For a few weeks Listerine had a #swishselfie contest you could enter on their facebook page and win $500. I was finishing up another brand mouth wash and received my samples the last week they were doing it .
Crowdtap also had photo challenges to do.
Here is my sunglasses #swishselfie

The challenge has been great so far, I think I’m on day 15.

My mouth feels so fresh and clean and stays that way all day.
At first the mouthwash was a little strong but now I am used to it. I think my teeth even look whiter .
While doing this I picked up another healthy habit , flossing. I must admit I don’t do it as much as I should. So I make sure to do it everyday instead of whenever . (Or when I have a dentist visit )
I have used Listerine before ,I switch brands depending on sales and what’s new. After using another brand for a bit ,I’m thinking of just sticking to Listerine because I can feel it working.

All it takes is 30 seconds morning and night . A few things I do while swishing ?
– wait for my mask to dry
– squats
– make up / touch ups
-blow dry hair / fix hair



So go ahead and do the Listerine challenge and see how it works for you. You have nothing to lose .You will help prevent plaque, gingivitis , and bad breath and gain better oral health. I enjoyed the 21 day challenge.



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