Herbal Essences, Hello Hydration Review

I was given this sample to try and share my opinion via Crowdtap. If you haven’t joined yet , you should . You share your opinions about different brands and products and sometimes get to try great products .

I didn’t even know Herbal Essences had body washes so was excited to try it out.


I received Hello Hydration.


The first thing I did was open the bottle and to smell it. It smelled like coconuts .

It’s a blue gel .I wish it was a little thicker and lathered up more. I love when body washes are sudsy. Even though it didn’t lather the way I prefer it still left my skin clean and smelling great . I’m sure would be good for a bubble bath too.

As I was washing the coconut smell was very pleasant. It brought me back to being on the beach in Florida , soaking up the sun while drinking a cocktail listening to the waves crash. (Wish I was doing that now )

Quick video review Hello Hydration Review

I put on some cocoa lotion and I can still smell the coconut. This combo is amazing (it’s also nice alone)
The scent definitely puts me in a better mood and more relaxed. The body wash didnt dry out my skin, which is one thing I look out for when choosing scented bodywashes.


I would recommend this body wash just for the lovely scents.

They are about $3 for a 11oz bottle

Other scents they have :
Body burst- citrus
Happy go lather -roses
Honey, I smell good -honey & apricot
Totally twisted


Have you tried Herbal Essences body wash yet? Which did you try?


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