The vegetarian dish that surprised me

My last meal I made from my Blue Apron box was the vegetarian dish
Roasted squash w/stewed white beans , gremolata & Brussel sprouts


So why was I surprised by this dish?
I don’t care for curry powder. Seems like many vegetarian dishes I have had , have too much curry powder in them. With this dish it was the perfect amount an the lemon really complimented it.

I don’t cook with butternut squash, mainly because it can be a pain. It is yummy though.

I haven’t eaten or cooked with Brussel sprouts in a long time. I think it’s because I was always forced to eat them as a kid , or at least until we got a dog . I have been wanting to cook with Brussel sprouts though. I had a slight obsession with kale chips , recently saw one with Brussel sprouts. I want try it !!

Another keeper.




Overall I did enjoy my Blue Apron experience. I liked that I was able to cook dishes I normally wouldn’t make. I liked that they give you all the ingredients that are measured & labeled . I like that you can skip weeks and see what is on the menu for the week. For me personally , I don’t think the price is in my budget right now. It’s $60 for 3 meals for 2 people.




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